Thursday, September 11, 2014


Jesus Christ, is this for real? Is America finally coming to its senses and realizing that Israel is NOT our ally, but a duplicitous, back-stabing, conniving, murderous, two-faced, thieving collection of false flag experts, racists, murderers, con artists, bigots, bank robbers, pedophiliac white slavers, illegal drug dealers and haters of Christians who masterminded the 9/11 attacks?
Ted Cruz booed off stage while defending Israel

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) abruptly walked off stage at an event organized by a pro-Christian organization in Washington, D.C., Wednesday night after the crowd turned on him for vociferously defending Israel.

Delivering the keynote at an event hosted by the group In Defense of Christians, which raises awareness for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, Cruz said, "Christians have no greater ally than Israel." That's when the crowd began to boo, according to The Daily Caller.

He also lumped Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and al Qaeda together, saying they "are all engaged in a vicious genocidal campaign to destroy religious minorities in the Middle East."

"Those who hate Israel hate America," he added, prompting more boos and heckling.
As the crowd continued to shout, Cruz said, "If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you," and then left the stage. --Jon Terbush

Teddy boy, I love this country but I can't stand back-stabbing, Israeli-Firsters like you who continually put the wants of Israel way ahead of the needs of the USA.

If you like that shitty little country so much, why not move your sorry ass to 'Stolenland' and stay?

MORE on this glorious event!
Washington (AINA) -- Speaking at the In Defense of Christians (IDC) summit in Washington yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz ran afoul of the attendees who had gathered to build support for the Christians of Iraq, who are facing a genocide by ISIS.

Religious bigotry is a cancer with many manifestations. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and their state sponsors like Syria and Iran, are all engaged in a vicious genocidal campaign to destroy religious minorities in the Middle East.

Sometimes we are told not to lump these groups together, but we have to understand their so-called nuances and differences. But we shouldn't try to parse different manifestations of evil that are on murderous rampage through the region. Hate is hate and murder is murder.

Our purpose here tonight is to highlight a terrible injustice, a humanitarian crisis. Christians are being systematically exterminated.

In 1948 Jews throughout the Middle East faced murder and extermination and fled to the nation of Israel. And today Christians have no better ally than the Jewish state.

AUDIENCE: stop it, stop it...boooh

Cruz: Let me say this: those who hate Israel hate America.


Cruz: And those who hate Jews hate Christians.

AUDIENCE: boooh--

Cruz: And if this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps that the men and women here will not stand in solidarity with Jews and Christians alike who are persecuted by radicals who seek to murder them.


If you hate the Jewish people you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ--

AUDIENCE: nobody said we hate the Jews...the meeting is for the Christians...

Cruz: And the very same people who persecute and murder Christians right now, who crucify Christians, who behead children, are the very same people who target and murder Jews for their faith for the same reason.


AUDIENCE: not fighting Jews, it is fighting Christians...

I will say this--

AUDIENCE: don't say anymore...enough...that is enough...enough

AINA (Assyrian International News Agency) interviewed several conference attendees after the event and most said that they were there to discuss the plight of the Christians in Iraq, not the Israel-Hamas conflict, and they resented the senator's attempt to "hijack" the summit.
Some of the speakers at this event were Israeli-Firster Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Zionist Butt Kisser Rep. Ted Deutch and Robert Danin who assisted at-large war criminal Tony Blair, former US AG John "Cover up those breasts" Ashcroft, a Christian Zionist Evangelical who keeps waiting for the 'Rupture.' Or is that 'Rapture?'


  1. I hope this means sensibility has entered into the braindead American minds.

    Cruz is a highly paid Jew ass-kisser. what else could he say?

    Piece of shit.

  2. If only this is the start of an awakening!!!

    And his wife works for the Jew money changers at Goldman Sachs.

  3. I pray God has opened up the hard waxed ears of Christians and average Americans.

    A few years ago I wrote a foretelling essay when Americans in the near future, have tired after having their jobs, homes, American identity,and well being, stolen by Christ hating Jews.

    I believe the time is coming soon.

    Praise God.

  4. Lee, how can you pray to a god who let's the stinking jews destroy everything???


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