Monday, October 20, 2014

"Need Crisis Actors for That False Flag? We've Got The Best in the Business!"

Check out the victims and their wounds around the 2:00 mark and the one at 8:55. Realistic as all get out, plenty of blood and gore for making that False Flag, whether it be in Boston or Sandy Hook or the upcoming one predicted by the bastard who ran part of the 9/11 False Flag, former VP Dick Cheney.

The 'dummies' used in parts of these scenarios are light years away from the old CPR dummies of the 1990's. Even the amputations look real.

Stu Segall, head of Strategic Operations, has an extensive Hollywood background, which is evident in the superb quality of the videos realism.
Strategic Operations has changed the face of tactical training by introducing to the training world “Hollywood” movie and TV-making techniques to make live training as realistic as safely possible. This innovation has been made possible by Stu Segall who brings to Strategic Operations more than 35 years experience as a producer of feature films, television movies and shows.

Stu Segall Productions is now one of the largest independent TV and film studios in America with 10 sound stages on 20 acres.

Stu has produced over 800 hours of primetime television series, including Renegade, Pensacola, Wings of Gold, Invisibleman, The Chronicle, 18 Wheels of Justice, High Tide, Cover Me, Rising Son, Veronica Mars, Desire and Secret Obsessions.

Stu Segall Productions has produced for ABC, Beacon, CBS, Disney Channel, Fox, NBC, Paramount, Showtime, Sony/Columbia/Tri-Star, Studios USA, Universal, UPN and Warner Brothers.

In 2002, Stu created Strategic Operations, of which he is President, with a mission to provide “hyper-realistic” training for the military, law enforcement, and other organizations responsible for homeland security and public safety.

Using the “magic of filmmaking,” Strategic Operations creates tactical scenarios in great detail by controlling and manipulating both the physical and sensory environment. Design experts and public safety officials help movie industry professionals create a state-of-the-art, next generation tactical training environment unique in the U.S.
Don't some of the scenes in the above video remind you of an event that happened in Boston?

Maybe Rita Katz, of SITE, the Israeli Jewess living in the USA that just so happens to 'find' all those jihadist beheading videos, uses these guys?

Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg

But this isn't fake, it's one of the may violent ways the parasites of Israel use OUR money and the weapons we give to them to continue on with their genocide of the Palestinians.

Gaza_7.14.14 photo Gaza_72014_zps637853fe.jpg

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