Thursday, October 16, 2014

The life of Jesus (Isa) [Peace be Upon Him] from the Islamic point of view, as viewed in the Quran

The toxic and elitist Jew owned Zionist media always portrays the Muslim world in a negative light, even going so far as to lie about how Islam views one of their most holy prophets, Jesus Christ.

The same Zionist MSM that has managed to scare Americans into getting behind putting 'boots on the ground' in Iraq and Syria, not to fight the US and Israel backed and funded ISIS, but to kill Syria's Assad and destroy that country to help the Jew fantasy of an Eretz Israel, a nation that will stretch from the River Nile to the Euphrates and from southern Turkey to the Red Sea.

More death, destruction and misery, all for the Jew's sick pleasure.

P.S. Be sure to read the comments, many of them filled with hate of Muslims by 'Christians.'

Another result of the Jew owned MSM poisoning the mind of Americans, who immediately go into the state-mandated 'Two Minutes Hate' anytime they hear the word Muslim or Islam.


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