Saturday, October 25, 2014

When the Jew MURDERED tens of thousands of Arab Children

Yes, the also Jew did use this against their own, but only the dark-skinned Jews from Africa.
The Ringworm Scandal: When Israeli Doctors Killed Tens of Thousands of Arab Children

NOTE: There are a number of readers who are either confused or reading this post sloppily, including the headline. To clarify: there is a link to a Jonathan Cook piece at the end of this post which notes that the State of Israel irradiated both Arab Jewish and Palestinian children for ringworm. Hence the title of this post which uses the inclusive term, Arab, by which I include both Jewish and Palestinian children.

There are also those who claim that radiation was a standard treatment for ringworm inside and outside Israel in the 1950s. This too misconstrues the argument put forward in the film and here.
While radiation may've been considered suitable for ringworm in that era, no one killed children with radiation outside of Israel. The dosage set by Dr. Sheba was far too high and the X-ray machines he used were outmoded and hence the dosage administered could not be calibrated accurately or administered suitably.

Now days, the Jew doesn't hide the mass-murder of little ones behind medical experiments, they just bomb, shell, blast and shoot them to death, like this:

8.14 photo Israel_killing_children31_zpscbaa2ab3.jpg

And this. This is how the Jew gets laughs, by blasting to pieces the indigenous Palestinians.

08.12.14 photo IDF_814_zpsfc0ef623.jpg

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