Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Groveling to Israel and Kissing Jew Derriere Didn't Help Hagel

All that groveling soon to be former Secretary of War Chuck Hagel during his Senate confirmation hearing didn't help Hagel keep his job, did it?

Hagel debased himself in front of the Senators who are loyal not to the USA, but to Israel, as shown by this sleazy video of the hearing.

'Rent Boy' Graham is especially odious, what a piece of excrement that Zionist clown is, has South Carolina no pride?

Another back-stabbing Israeli ass-kisser is Ted Cruz of Texas. What a back-stabbing, worthless shit-eating fuckhead this Cruz is. Guess Texas has no pride either.

Who will be the next Secretary of War? Most likely the war monger Michele Flournoy, PNAC groupie and Israeli whore.

From "Right Web"
Although she is sometimes characterized as a "liberal realist" who seeks to reign in the United States' global ambitions, Flournoy also believes that the U.S. military "is a force for good abroad" and has pushed to maintain American forces in places like Iraq. "I am one who believes that the United States, as the sole superpower in the world, still has an indispensable leadership role to play," Flournoy said at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2013.

Flournoy has warned against a preemptive U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran, calling it "a tactical step that undermines the strategic goal" of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. However, Flournoy has also allowed that military action remains a possibility in the future, telling the Jerusalem Post in August 2012 that "Israel can rely on Obama to stop a nuclear Iran. … [T]he policy is not containment and I think he is serious about that."

Regarding the U.S.-Israeli relationship, Flournoy told the Jerusalem Post that it was "like a marriage," and that despite some differences over policy, America's commitment to Israel's security was "unshakable." She added: "The quality of the relationship—both the amount of interaction and the quality—has increased substantially [during the Obama administration] in terms of comparing notes on the full range of strategic issues in the region, in terms of people understanding Israel's concerns and security needs and what it means to ensure [Israel's] qualitative military edge."

In September 2014, Flournoy argued in a Washington Post op-ed written with Eric Edelman, a board member of the neoconservative Foreign Policy Initiative and longtime advocate for militarist U.S. polices, that military spending should be increased to "sustain the rules-based international order that underpins U.S. security and prosperity." The two called for an immediate repeal of the Budget Control Act, which provided for the "sequestration" cuts much loathed by foreign policy hawks, and a "return, at a minimum, to funding levels proposed by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his fiscal 2012 budget." Edelman and Flournoy further argued that "the U.S. military must be able to deter or stop aggression in multiple theaters, not just one, even when engaged in a large-scale war."
Stick a fork in our ass, America is done as an independent nation. We're nothing more than slaves to Israel and will stay that way until Israel's masterminding of the 9/11 False Flag is finally uncovered.

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