Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where There's Misery, Count on a Jew's Grubby Paws Being There

As in getting money to your loved ones in prison. It's no longer simply buying a money order, then sending that much needed help in the US mail. No, now days, you have to go thru money-grubbers like "JPAY," ran by Ryan SHARPIRO, as in this example:
Prison bankers cash in on captive customers

To get cash to her son, Pat used to purchase a money order at the post office for $1.25 and mail it to the prison, for a total cost of less than $2. But in March of last year, the Virginia Department of Corrections informed her that JPay Inc., a private company in Florida, would begin handling all deposits into inmates’ accounts.

Sending a money order through JPay takes too long, so Taylor started using her debit card to get him funds instead. To send Eddie $50, Taylor must pay $6.95 to JPay. Depending on how much she can afford to send, the fee can be as high as 35 percent. In other states, JPay’s fees approach 45 percent.
Charging a 35% fee to a loved one sending hard-earned cash to someone in prison is reprehensible. But that type of sleazy activity is just business as usual for the world's biggest pack of parasitic predators, the Jew.

The Jew SHARPIRO says his company, JPAY, is operating on a razor-thin margin, but lying is another of the Jew's crafty ways of duping the GOYIM:
But others provide similar services for less.

NIC Inc., a competitor that helps states set up their websites, charges a flat fee of $2.40 in Maine to send money to inmates. Until recently, Arkansas charged 5 percent to send money through the state’s own Web portal. Floridians pay a fee of 3.5 percent to handle traffic tickets online.

The Jew SHARPIRO knows how to corrupt the GOYIM to do his bidding, which in turn is an expense written off JPAY's taxes:
Tequila, cigars and lobbying

To impress state corrections officials and gain their business, JPay spends heavily on industry conventions attended by agency heads with contracting authority. During a 2012 convention of the American Correctional Association, the company threw what it called an “END OF THE WORLD PARTY” at a Denver wine bar that bills itself as “about you, and your inalienable right to the unbridled enjoyment of food and wine.”

The invitation, printed on a disposable beer coaster, promised “a bash, JPay-style: *fuerte* tequila, hand-rolled cigars, a live mariachi band.” Conventioneers could catch a JPay shuttle leaving from the hotel “ALL NIGHT LONG,” it said.
Grief, misery, despair might be frightening to us GOYIM, but to the Jew, it's a time to celebrate and make some shekels.


  1. I wonder what the acronym "JPAY" stands for? If you go to their website they don't give any indication. Top two choices, I guess, would be either "Jail Pay" or "Jew Pay."

  2. Don't know what 'JPAY' means, did a search and couldn't find any reference, but your two choices are prime candidates.

  3. Just so you guys are aware, since you're using my reporting to spew anti-Semitic stereotypes: The reporter who brought this to the world's attention (that's me!) is a Jew. Following of our reports, JPay is being investigated by regulators and has rolled back fees for more than 100k inmates. Speaking only for myself, and not for my employer: I take deep offense at your stereotyping and hate-mongering.

    If you want proof that there's no correlation between Jewish executives and this kind of profiteering, please look into Centric Group, parent company of Keefe Commissary and Access Corrections, Keefe's money transfer subsidiary. This private company, owned by St. Louis non-Jews (not that it matters), pays much bigger "kickback"/profit-share to the prisons that contract with it than JPay does.

    If you need more, look into the ownership of the major phone providers in prisons: Securus, Global Tel-Link, Paytel. Or the foodservice contractors like Aramark.

    i guess what I'm trying to say is: One data point does not confirm a trend, unless you are focused exclusively on substantiating a preconceived idea.


    Dan Wagner

  4. "Just so you guys are aware, since you're using my reporting to spew anti-Semitic stereotypes..."

    My comment was limited to speculating on what the acronym might mean, so I'm not sure what "anti-Semitic stereotype" you're accusing me of. I would also offer the view that you did a good job reporting on the story.

    That being said, I would wonder what your "reporter's instinct" might tell you about why so many people seem angry at Jews these days. Could it have anything to do with Israel's treatment of the Palestinians? Or the fact that the pro-Israel lobby has gotten us into wars in the past and seems intent on getting us into a new one with Iran? Or might it be the gift of billions of dollars a year to the Jewish state while Americans, like some of those interviewed in your report, find it increasingly harder to make ends meet? Do you think anger at Jews these days might have something to do with these things, or is it all simply "irrational anti-Semitism"?

    Your report, boiled down, basically is about the exploitation of human misery for the sake of profit, and the man who owns the JPAY enterprise is seen wearing a kippa as you interview him--as if he's making a personal statement, "I am a Jew." Yes, there are non-Jewish financial criminals, as you point out in your comment, but they don't seem to be lobbying for foreign countries and they don't seem to be disproportionately represented in a host of areas including branches of government.

    I myself would not have chosen the words "count on a Jew's grubby paws being there," but in all honesty, I do not think the anger behind the words is baseless or irrational.

  5. Dan Wagner, if you had read an earlier blog of mine, you'd see where my anger is coming from.

    I've elected to start using the same insane way of treating people that Israeli Jews in the West Bank are doing with their 'price tag' way of treating Palestinians for merely living on land they have owned for centuries.

    So that means lashing out at any all Jews that happen by, not that it makes sense, but neither does the way Israeli is treating the indigenous Palestinians.

    And since I'm an American, I'm also using the 'price tag' method to protest the Jewish takeover of our Congress, WH, courts and MSM, making us in effect, an occupied nation.

  6. I'm an American first. Jewish, last.
    I renounce what my Jewish ancestors have done to native people. I happen to be an ancestor of the perpetrator and and a victim.


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