Friday, November 14, 2014

YAHOO Shows Its Racist Face

Try inserting some truth about the vicious, savage and murderous ways the foreigner Europeans and Russians that invaded Palestine and started using the indigenous Palestinians for target practice and that comment will have a life span of less than two minutes before the Talmud terrorists of YAHOO wipe it off the face of the Earth.

But racist, hateful, bigoted comments about blacks in Ferguson, MO possibly raising hell after the stacked Grand Jury issues no charges get to stay forever in YAHOO land, so what gives?

Here's a small sampling:
Just look at the picture at the top of the story; savages dancing around a fire. You can almost hear the drums beating. Not much different than being in deepest darkest Africa hundreds of years ago. The blacks have sure come a long way, haven't they?

The P0RCH M0NKEYS might as well start rioting now.

The grand jury will NEVER charge him.....................

rioters need to rember, what you sow,shall you reap ! get ready for your comeupence jiggers

They look like a bunch of apes, and act worse. Of course that is their jungle bunny heritage.

Freakin' apes have turned Ferguson into a war zone.

Wonderful photo. Only things missing are quarts of Maddog 40/40 and stolen cigars.

That's a small sample of the nearly 15,000 comments so far.
Maybe YAHOO should put "Amos n Andy" in charge of their news site?

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  1. I frequently comment on Yahoo. You are right in asserting Yahoo promotes articles regarding racial division like both the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martins.

    Here is a copy on Yahoo from 11/17/2014
    " Today Hamas applauded the synagogue murders. And no matter what the American anti-semites will post their Yahoo screeds denying any Arab culpability for anything ever and placing all blame always on Israel.
    As I've commented before, all of this proves my point: that there will be no peace in the Holy Land at any time in the foreseeable future and probably not the distant future; that the fundamental difference is that Israel is a civilized nation and that the Arabs are blood-crazed barbarians with a medieval outlook on everything. BUT-Israel for the first time exists after 2000 years and the Israelis are never going to go away and now they have a strong tough army, navy and air force that has four times beaten their barbarian enemies and will not relent in defending their sacred homeland".

    When I commented on the mass murder done by Israel on Palestinians, within two minutes I got hate filled replies.

    Did you notice how clever the commentor claims Yahoo is complicit with Antisemitic hate?

    It is almost certain that Yahoo is involved with harboring Hasbara operatives in their network.

    They will do anything to absolve Israel of any wrong doing. And of course, implementing "The Alinsky Effect" of loud, angry, vicious,and hateful responses to anyone who dares question the openly notorious,and criminal action of Israel.


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