Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holocaust Opinion Poll; Not for the Weak..of Stomach or Mind!

My uncle was a sonderkommando at Buchenwald. His job was to clean the bears cages after they would eat their daily Jew. He took the 'gnawed on bones' and buried them in the woods. One day Eichmann showed up with his little dog, 'Fritzie', and the camp commander said, 'Get the Sturmfurher's dog some Jew bones to chew on.'

My uncle said 'Go to hell, you are desecrating the dead!'. The Camp Commandant became infuriated, had him killed, and shrunk his head. I found a trunk with hundreds of shrunken heads, put them on EBAY and was called a Holocaust Fraud. So now I will sell direct to you.

12.18.14 photo holopoll_zpsd89a1dba.jpg

Holocaust survivors never lie, you anti-Semites! These cursed Nazi doctors inserted twelve squirrels in my ass while forced me to eat pork sausage with sauerkraut. I escaped from the death camp killing all the the squirrels and the Mengele staff with a colossal fart. I want my reparations now, and Germany must pay!

Got a strong stomach that can handle endless lies?

Check out the Babi Yar story, a ravine in Kiev, Ukraine.

Babi Yar is a ravine outside Kiev where the Holocaust movement claims that 200,000 Jews were shot by the Einsatzgruppen. There are no witnesses or bodies, and local Jews refuse archeological digs.
The Babi Yar Bamboozle & the Babi Yar Trials

Dina Pronicheva, who was buried under 5 feet of bodies and dirt, the Nazis dynamited the ravine walls, dug her way out, and survived the massacre. She testified at a war crimes trial, Kiev, 1946.

The Pope and Benjamin Netanyahu visited.
The Jews have elevated lying to an art form, one that is punishable by prison if you dare to disbelieve their BS.
Basically, the claim is that when the Germans took the city of Kiev, they rounded up the Jews by telling them to report to a specific location. They then supposedly transported or escorted them to Babi Yar, which was located in the countryside northwest of the city. Once at Babi Yar, the Germans purportedly shot every one of them, then blasted the area and buried them under the debris.

The claim does not end there. The Jews also contend that while in full retreat from Stalin's Red Army, the Germans dug all those bodies up and cremated them in open pits. The cremations allegedly ended on September 28, 1943, when the actual battle line crossed the area.

Well, blow me down, and set me back up again! These elite SS troops sure come up with some creative ways of wasting precious time in the combat zone. Here, they supposedly order all of the Jews into "the ravine", to take their valuables, and then for some unknown senseless reason, partially strip them. Then they hike all of these half naked Jews back out of the ravine, and they themselves have to go back down into the ravine to retrieve these "valuables" and haul them back out. Then they place them on a platform constructed solely for this purpose - to shoot them down so they can throw them in the ravine. They have to clean the platform off so that they can do it again with the next group. Consider this, in order to complete this task in a two day period, working around the clock, the Germans would only have five minutes to complete the entire procedure using groups of one hundred. 8 A.M. on the 29th to 12 midnight on the 30th is forty hours. If there were twelve hundred shot per hour times forty hours, that would equal only 48,000. That would be a group of one hundred every five minutes nonstop. If the shootings went on a full 48 hours, that would equal 57,600 deaths. Come on, people, it would take at least five minutes to assemble one hundred people in the ravine, and that is assuming that everyone was cooperating.
These lies were the basis for the founding of the world's #1 terror state, Israel. These lies are the basis for the endless ransacking of Germany, forced to pay reparations until the end of time to a pack of lying weasels.

These lies are used to subjugate the USA to be Israel's bitch, an endless supply of money, weapons and political backing at the UN, which brain-washed and brain-dead Americans gladly give to that parasite state, while our own nation falls apart due to lack of funding.

In the European nations that have enacted laws against questioning the holoHOAX, the accused is only allowed to plead either 'Guilty' or 'Insane.'

Guilty or Insane, but not innocent? What are they trying to hide by forcing the accused to state that they are either Guilty or Insane?


  1. Wagers on how long it takes to implement something similar here?

    2Years? 5? 10?

  2. Greg.. Oh come on now!!! Our Jew spew media and our governments would never lie to us, would they??

    You are a despicable "anti-semite" (Jewish registered trademark inserted here..)!!!! I hope that the murderous Jew god, Satan, errr...Yahweh.... strikes you down for such lies... Oye vey!!!

    But seriously... Has anybody actually excavated that ravine outside of Kiev to prove it as fact? Or have the almighty Jews now forced the Ukrainians to call that area "holy ground" and prevent excavations like they did at Treblinka?

    And stop calling the US Israel's bitch... Canada wants that title as well!

  3. There's nothing in Wikipedia about any excavation attempts at that ravine, so it must of got blessed to be too holy by some rabbis to dig up!

    That part about only being able to plead either 'Guilty' or 'Insane' if caught asking questions about the holoHOAX caught my eye. Soon to appear in the USSA.

  4. The rats are underneath the piles,
    the Jew is underneath the lot.
    (T.S. Eliot)

  5. Waiting for the day when it's illegal to question the official story of 9/11 in the USA, with jail time as penalty.......

  6. well cheney wet worked all the early 911 witnesses so ....ya that day will come no doubt


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