Monday, December 1, 2014

How Jews Show Their Appreciation to a GOY; They Fill Him With Bullets

Like Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, who helped Jews escape German slave labor camps during WWII.
It was in this context that rescue operations were undertaken, notably by former Swiss president Jean-Marie Musy, who negotiated the evacuation from Theresienstadt of a first contingent of 1,200 Jewish detainees.
They arrived in Switzerland in early February 1945. Several weeks later, the vice-president of the Swedish Red Cross, Count Folke Bernadotte, met with Himmler and received permission to transport 4,700 Scandinavian detainees to Neuengamme, where they would await repatriation. At the end of April he used ICRC trucks, among other vehicles (Swedish trucks), to evacuate 2,900 women detainees from Ravensbrück (Operation White Buses).
Source is a PDF file.

Bernadotte was assassinated on Friday 17 September 1948 by members of the armed Jewish Zionist group Lehi (commonly known as the Stern Gang or Stern Group).
A three man 'center' of this extreme Jewish group had approved the killing: Yitzhak Yezernitsky (the future Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir), Nathan Friedmann (also called Natan Yellin-Mor) and Yisrael Eldad (also known as Scheib). A fourth leader, Emmanuel Strassberg (Hanegbi) was also suspected by the Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion of being part of the group that had decided on the assassination. The assassination was planned by the Lehi operations chief in Jerusalem, Yehoshua Zettler. A four-man team ambushed Bernadotte's motorcade in Jerusalem's Katamon neighborhood. Two of them, Yitzhak Ben Moshe (Markovitz) and Avraham Steinberg, shot at the tires of the UN vehicles. A third, Yehoshua Cohen, shot Bernadotte at close range through the open window of the car. The bullets also hit a French officer who was sitting beside him, Colonel André Serot, a U.N. Observer who had been mistaken for Dr. Ralph Bunche, the American aide to Bernadotte. Both Bernadotte and Serot were killed.
The Lehi mobsters were also known as the Stern Gang, who were in the process of establishing a Jewish state, a 'new totalitarian Hebrew republic'. To this end, they wanted to fight with the Germans during World War II, since they believed that Nazi Germany was a lesser enemy of the Jews than Britain, Lehi twice attempted to form an alliance with the Nazis.

These Yid nutcases even tried to assassinate US president Truman with a letter bomb.

The Lehi thugs were also behind the rapes, mutilations and mass murder of Palestinians at Deir Yassin, Palestine

At Deir Yassin, the Jew terrorists bayoneted pregnant women in the stomach, raped children and chopped off the ears of women to steal their earrings.
“A chilling account of the massacre is given by a Red Cross doctor who arrived at the village on the second day and saw himself – the mopping up – as one of the terrorists put it to him. He says that the “mopping up” had been done with machine guns, then grenades and finished off with knives. Women’s bellies were cut open and babies were butchered in the hands of their helpless mothers. Around 250 people were murdered in cold blood. Of those 250 people, 25 pregnant women were bayoneted in their abdomens while still alive. 52 children were maimed under the eyes of their own mothers, and they were slain and their heads cut off. Their mothers were in turn massacred and their bodies mutilated. About 60 other women and girls were also killed and their bodies mutilated.
This is one of the reasons the holoHOAX is drummed into our brains 24/7, to cover up the brutal crimes of the Jew terrorists who still infest Palestine and still brutally murder Palestinians for fun.


  1. 1st I ever heard of him.

    Who controls information and official history books?

  2. Like the Secretary of State Madeleine the jewish whore, who had gratitude toward the Serbs, which have saved her life in WWII Yugoslavia & 50 years later bombed the crap out of them!


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