Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Proof Jews Hate Christians, No Xmas Trees in Occupied Khazarland

Other than a the touristy stuff allowed around Bethlehem, the Khazar interlopers that have invaded and descrated the land that Christ walked on don't allow any CHRISTmas trees in their land of hate.

But Muslim countries do allow Christmas decorations, since they worship JC as a prophet to be revered and honored, not like the Jews, who hate Jesus with a passion, with one of their 'holy' books, the hate-filled TALMUD consigning Jesus to spend eternity in a pit of burning excrement.

The Jews 'welcome' Santa with teargas grenades in occupied Bil'in

Bilin_Israel photo Israel_Bilin2011_zps4a79f8a2.jpg
Disappearing Christmas trees

Netanyahu’s professions of tolerance would have come as news to Palestinian Christian students at Safad Academic College in the Galilee. There, students who could not get home for the holidays bought a Christmas tree and set it up outside their dorm.

But in the evening when they got back from class, they found the tree was gone, Israel’s Walla! News reported.

“This is the saddest Christmas,” said Gabriel Mansour, 24, a third-year political science student, identified by Walla! as a representative of Arab students. “All we wanted to do was provide some good cheer for all the students who remained alone in the dorms, and who were unable to go home to their families.”

When Mansour investigated, he was told by college officials that the tree had been hidden lest it spark riots among the Jewish students.

State rabbis order bans on Christmas

The ban on Christmas at Safad college is no isolated incident. For several years, Shimon Gapso, the notoriously racist mayor of the Israeli settlement of “Upper Nazareth” in the Galilee, has banned Christmas trees, calling them a provocation. “Nazareth Illit [Upper Nazareth] is a Jewish city and it will not happen – not this year and not next year, so long as I am a mayor,” Gapso said.
The hateful Juden even terrorize Israeli Jew hotel owners with loss of their kosher certificate if they put up just a teeny bit of tinsel.

Compare the Jew hate to predominantly Muslim nations, like Syria and Lebanon:
My time in the Middle East was divided roughly equally between Syria and Lebanon. Though both are predominantly Muslim countries, Christmas decorations are up now in each, adorning a number of shops and stores, while Christmas advertisements on billboards are visible every few miles or so along many of the main roads. Most of the signs are in both English and Arabic, and it’s quite interesting driving through Hezbollah-controlled areas of Beirut and seeing billboards of colorfully-decorated trees with the words “Merry Christmas” written on them.

Interesting but not that surprising, really. No attempt has ever been made by Hezbollah to stifle the Christian faith, and many Christians in the region support the Lebanese Resistance group. While in Beirut I stayed in the Haret Hriek area of Dahieh, the southern suburb controlled by Hezbollah, and probably not six blocks away from the flat where I was holed up was the Haret Hriek Maria’s Church. The streets are patrolled by Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army. There are security checkpoints one must pass through, to be sure. But there is also total religious freedom.
From the excellent blog, "Fig Trees and Vineyards."

Don't look for this to be on the Jew MSM outlets like the despicable CNN or the reprehensible FOX N***.

They don't broadcast anything that might interrupt the Jew brainwashing of their American cattle.

WARNING: It's forbidden, upon pain of death for a non-Jew to read the Talmud!

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