Thursday, December 4, 2014

No Shortage of Traitors: “Protecting America means protecting Israel, and that’s why we’re here in the first place"

12.4.14 photo asskissing_zpseb76ede1.jpg

An asinine phrase uttered by the new incoming Secretary of War, Ashton Asshole Carter.

No wonder the corrupt, sold-out US Senate will not fight his nomination; their Yid Masters are pleased to get someone with such soft lips in the War Department. CFR member that has worked for Goldman Sachs and kisses Israeli ass at every chance, and has never been in the military, let alone tasted combat, this is the Zionist prick that will be sending our kids off to fight and die for Wall Street and Israel.

Can't find out who this Zionist POS parents are, which most likely means his mother is a 'Chosen One,' and his Yid DNA will be in the forefront of each and every decision he makes, as in "Is this good for Israel?"

The Jew MSM is fawning all over this douche-bag, which means bad news for America.

Listen to what the back-stabbing, traitorous, lying sack of shit Bill Kristol has to say about this debacle:
“America has the misfortune to have an anti-Israel president for two more years. America has the good fortune to have a pro-Israel Congress for that same period of time. It should be a priority for that Congress, through speech and deed, to signal unequivocally to Israel and its enemies that terror and pressure against Israel will not succeed, and that America stands with Israel in our common fight against terror and barbarism.”
Looks like we're in for an even greater take-over of this nation by Israel and her slimy SOB's that defend, support, give money and weapons to and have no problem with fucking over the USA to serve Israel.

When the certified, crazier than a shit-house rat 'Jihad' John McCain is talking warmly about Carter, you know 'We the People' wil get fucked.

Neocons Triumphant in Washington and Geneva
Generals and Admirals may be pompous self-serving asses but they are not stupid.

Unlike Hagel, Obama’s inner circle national security team consisting of Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett are all cut from the same cloth as the president. They are academics who come from privileged backgrounds and have, as the expression goes, no skin in the game. Their children will not be dying in some hell hole and for them it is a self-serving complete abstraction to use American power to “fix things” and undertake “humanitarian interventions” overseas.
And with the 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos now getting first dibs on our checking, savings and pension plans to cover their bets, looks like the complete and utter Yid ransacking of the USA is in its final phase.

And if that criminal action needs to cover up the Jew hand in our pocket, robbing us blind, the Zionists now have the shithead in power at the War Department to accomplish that goal.

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  1. I wonder if brain dead Americanus will get pissed when the banks start taking their money directly from their accounts or will they, as usual, just push their ass up to meet the thrust even harder?


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