Monday, February 16, 2015

An "A.S.S.H.O.L.E." Will Be Everywhere, Promises President Obama

Washington--President Obama today signed into law the "America's Secret Services Helping Our Liberties Endure" act, or ASSHOLE.

"This much needed piece of legislation will give us the tools we need to place an ASSHOLE on nearly every street corner, making our great country impervious to another 9/11," said the president, adding "There will be an ASSHOLE on your cell phone, an ASSHOLE monitoring your ISP and many more ASSHOLE's in our schools, work places and other public meeting places where al Qaeda types can and do flourish."

"We must endure a few privations, such as temporarily suspending the Bill of Rights in our never-ending struggle against those who attacked us on 9/11, but no freedom loving American will object to that small sacrifice to help us prevent al Qaeda or IS or aL Nusra from again striking the homeland."

DHS Head Johnson said that he would personally see that ASSHOLE's were everywhere, smothering the homeland in a blanket of security agents from which there would be no escape for those seeking to do us harm, protest against the act, or those foolish enough to rally for reinstatement of the Bill of Rights.

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen issued a press release saying that to help pay for all these ASSHOLE's, the Fed would be willing to loan the USA some more of its own money, and as long as we can only pay back interest on the money previously borrowed, then the agents of terror would never bother the homeland again.


The Federal Reserve Bank is the Central bank that publish the US dollar. It is not a government's bank but it is owned by the world bankers the most powerful of them is the Rothschild family. They control whole Global Currency System. However what else they need, which is the end goal and what they want to archive by completing their mission...

As long as the private banking families that own the Fed, own the Fed, these wars will continue until this nation is physically, financially and emotionally depleted.


  1. Another group of assholes will be out in London

  2. Sorry Obama! Tony in Australia was first with this idea !
    "Australia's Secret Services Helping Our Liberties Endure"

  3. Canada here. This evening I got a call from some polling company asking me about my opinions on Canada's politics. Imagine my surprise when I was point blank asked if I would be willing to give up various freedoms for protection from terrorist threats!

    It left me wondering how many of my fellow Canucks, political knuckleheads that most of them are, responded to such a question but I am sure many would go along with the programme so long as their hockey was not interrupted.

  4. Terrible Tony was first? He'll be getting a Peace Prize now.

  5. Imagine my surprise when I was point blank asked if I would be willing to give up various freedoms for protection from terrorist threats!

    The end game is being fast-tracked.

  6. "Ray Ogoraeck said...
    Sorry Obama! Tony in Australia was first with this idea !
    "Australia's Secret Services Helping Our Liberties Endure" "

    If so it would have to have been ARSEHOLE, because Phony Maggot is a Brit and whether there or in Oz we spell the word with an R not a second S. Happens we don't have an independent security, just a franchise of the usual Banker controlled lot.

  7. If they call here, they will be the ones surprised. I am NOT giving up one Ounce of my GOD given liberty for a little security. I'll take care of myself, me and my militia. We need to try that fkn ,igger asshole Obamass for treason. According to the constitution it only takes two to accuse. Then when we find the bastard guilty, drag him through the streets like Mussolini.


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