Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Facts About Muslims the Jew MSM Doesn't Want You to Know

History of Zionist Terrorism All The Way up to 911 ✡ ✈ ▌▌

FACT: No Muslim is going to design a tainted vaccine and then pressure you into giving your children autism. Yet every classroom in America has been touched by this form of Jewish terror as is every child who has received one of their death shots to one degree or another even if it does not show up as autism. WHO IS WORSE? Terrorists on TV, or those who brought vaccine damage to your family directly?

FACT: The Federal Reserve debt is not owed to Muslims. And not really owed by America at all, except through Jewish enforcement of Jewish trickery. How much has that hurt America when compared to anything Muslims have done?

FACT: 99 percent of the population hates having the GAY AGENDA rammed down their throats on prime time television. They therefore hate what Jews have done to American television. What percent of the population hates something Muslims actually did to them as much as they hate this trumped up gay agenda?

FACT: Muslims did not write the hacks that are in your cell phone, your TV, your computer, and everywhere else. What is worse for America? The police state agenda which stands as a serious direct threat to the American way of life (especially patriots), or Muslims?

FACT: Muslims are not the ones pushing GMO in America and killing the monarch butterflies and bees. ASK YOURSELF: WHO IS? What is worse? permanent corruption of our nations natural plant DNA, or "Islamic terror"?

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FACT: Muslims did not trigger the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan. Muslims did not write Stuxnet or wave the threat of nuclear blackmail. Muslims did not then demand a multi trillion Yen payoff and trash the Japanese economy with a forced payoff or "other nuke plants would go boom" as many claim Netenyahoo threatened. How does poisoning the pacific rate in contrast with anything Muslims ever did?

FACT: Muslims do not own the media lock stock and barrel, and then use that media to manipulate and destroy the American psyche. What have Muslims ever done that could even come close to anything that bad?

FACT: Muslims did not infiltrate the American government at all levels, Federal State and Local, and then use that level of influence to force a banker bailout that absolutely robbed America, only to have the recipients of that bailout turn around and use it to buy up large corporations like Wal Mart with Americans footing the bills and Jews collecting the profits. What have Muslims done to rival that?


FACT: Most "terror" attacks committed by "Muslims" are frame ups. If only 65 percent of these are fronted by zionist Jews to frame Muslims (and in fact the percentage is higher) who are the real terrorists? When it comes to destroying lives everywhere, the indisputable champion is the Jew.

Another fact is that all this terrorist noise of late can be traced directly back to Israel, that apartheid nightmare is getting PO that the world might actually take notice for once and bring war crime charges against that nation of blood-thirsty psychos.
Which is why there is so much terrorist 'chatter' these days. Israel is trying to scare the hell out of everyone with fake Muslim bogeymen popping up all over and making threats, when it's actually Israel and her slave, the USA, behind these terrorist groups trying to make people so scared, they'll back off the war crimes charges against Israel.

This must not happen.

The only way to bring peace to the ME and much of the world is to rein in that nation of thieves, false flag experts, corrupters, back-stabbers, white slavers, nuclear armed terrorists, illegal drug runners, murderers and professional liars to justice in the ICC and bust up the Khazars mob kingdom.


  1. Rats, I misplaced my copy of the gay agenda. Can you loan me one, 'cause I really don't have a clue how it is that I, being free to be authentic and to not have to pretend to be something I'm not, somehow am harming you.

    It's an odd feeling to be in complete agreement with this post except for the fact that, um, the nagging fact that yes there are queer folks who understand where you're coming from. Me, I've been with the same person for 16 years while most of my hetero friends are divorced, separated, squabbling over money or custody, etc.

    Yet somehow we're to blame because of our gay agenda. Gotcha.

  2. @ inishglora

    Just because you are gay doesn't mean there is not an agenda to make acceptable the outrageous behavior of many of your butthole buddies.

    Did it make you gay? Probably not.

    Does the Jews' media propaganda keep pushing acceptance of their asshole banging and weird shenanigans that so many see on TV, etc. It's even pushed in schools now.

    As a man, I find the gratuitous displays disgusting and abnormal.

    I also believe that you are being quite misleading when you, by suggestion, indicate that gays are more likely to be monogomous in relationships. The fact is that gays are far more likely to sleep around and have far shorter relationships.

    In other words, if what you say is true about yourself, you are an anomaly.

  3. Inishglora - please point out to me the exact point where Bman "blamed" everything on the gays!!!!!!!!!!
    Cause I could have sworn he was directly blaming the Joos for everything up to, including and past the mention of the gay agenda.
    Don't be such a thin skinned twit. Some one might mistake you for a joo.
    Tom in Tempe, also sick of the gay agenda saturating every facet of the media


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