Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Get the Jew Madder Than a Wet Hen

It's easy.

One way is to tell the truth about the upcoming Congressional visit Israeli CRIME MINISTER Netenyahu is paying to DC in March, like this ad--that ran in the JEW York Times on February 21--does.

2.22.15 photo IIwar_zpszwmhk1d5.png

The Jew doesn't like sunlight to penetrate their hidden recesses, from which they crawl out at night to do their dirty work of poisoning American minds in the hope that we'll invade and destroy another ME nation for the glory of 'Stolenland.'
For the first time since America went gaga over the broken down actor, Ronnie “Raygun,” there is a realization that the very real security threat of Israel can no longer hide behind Schindler’s List and the ADL’s swastika spray paint brigade.
Source: VT

Time to Wake Up, America!

In fact, it's past time for We the People to wake up from this nightmare of endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel, but mostly against Iraq, a nation the size of California that at one time had 25 million people, until the USA, that 'indispensable' nation, according to President Peace Prize, started murdering Iraqi's for financial gain or maybe just because we have completely lost our collective minds.

Do you realize that with the latest re-invasion of Iraq, this will make the fourth time in the last 24 years--fifth, if you count the no-fly zones--the world's largest and most potent military invaded Iraq and started pushing the native people around and into the ground, murdering close to 1.5 million Iraqis

I say murder because these invasions have NOTHING to do with our security or peace of mind, since the invasions have been based on lies, whether it was the 1991 blood-letting based on the lies about Kuwaiti babies being tossed out of their nursery to the 2003 savage attack based on a number of lies, like Saddam's non-existent ties to al Qaeda or Iraq's non-existent role in the 9/11 attack or the Yellow Cake uranium lie.
Which means we are waging wars of aggression, the same charge(s) that got many of Hitler's inner circle swinging from the gallows pole after WWII.

If you look around, you'll notice our nation is falling apart, from rutted, crowded, cracked interstate highways to our crowded and obsolete public schools to an electrical infrastructure grid that is one hot Summer away from causing 'brownouts,' due to worn-out, obsolete equipment.
Hells Bells, we can't even properly care for the hundreds of thousands of war vets that are back home, many in dire need of physical and yes, psychological help, witness the 7,000 plus vets who commit suicide each year.

Many of our cities are in dire shape, but it's difficult to see the problems since it's buried under concrete and asphalt and involves the piping used to bring potable water to your home and remove the waste, two ingredients you don't want to mix, but the pipes age is making that more difficult to keep apart.

So please America, Wake Up and let's get our country back from the Yid and NeoCON war mongers who want to keep us fighting and dying for some nebulous goal and to protect Israel from reality We can no longer afford this bloody insanity, not if we want to still have a working nation to wake up to in the morning.

Another way to PO the Jew is to out their propaganda:
Terror experts have ruled that ISIS video footage appearing to show the executions of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as being fake…

According to Florida-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians purported to have been decapitated in the video entitled “Signed With Blood: To The Nation Of The Cross,” was ruled to have been ‘staged’ due to the excessive anomalies seen in the dramatic 5 minute film.

In a report this week at 21WIRE, prior to experts releasing their conclusion about the recent ISIS video production, I was able to outline many of the film’s irregularities and inconsistencies – proving that the film was indeed heavily orchestrated for maximum effect.


  1. Excellent article, Greg. I think the Gentile world is waking up from the lies. I see more and more people upset with the interference from Israel in our politics.

    Russia seems to be the only nation not being intimidated by Israeli backed NATO. Former Soviet Union generals are warning Americans that the same break up of their Union, will happen to us.

    Sources say that if Ukraine fails, that is the de facto start of WWIII. Although it has started economically already.

    There is still much work to be done to get Americans to awaken. Perhaps, as I predicted years ago, when their comfy lives are threatened and their bank accounts robbed, only then will Americans get angry like a raging bull. They will be gnashing their teeth at Israel for all the money they stolen, lives destroyed, homes foreclosed on.

    The sooner the better.

  2. This dust-up over Netenyahu's speech to Congress is waking some up, hopefully, enough will awaken in time to take back our nation.


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