Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Israel, the Theatrics Doesn't Change the Fact You're Guilty of Committing War Crimes Against Palestinians

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Israel, you can knock off all the theatrical bullshit you've been foisting on the world, but mostly directed to your enabler, bodyguard, ass-kisser, weapons supplier and always open money machine, the USA.

People are finally wising up to your staged bullshit, whether its shooting up some Paris magazine office or hiring some kids to vandalize a cemetery, people are catching on and saying "NEVER AGAIN!"

Israel is GUILTY of committing a huge number of war crimes against the indigenous Palestinians in Gaza and it looks like the world is finally going to take some action against this parasite infestation from Europe and take them to the ICC, which has gotten Jewry nervous and responding the only way they know how, by using violence and their corrupted MSM to get the pity party fresh juice.

Jews are getting so lazy from decades of holoHOAX programming that has made many in the West either fearful of the Jew or just plain fucking dumb that the Jew tells outright lies, thinking that since holoHOAX lies worked so well, lies about some Jew traipsing around Paris wouldn't get discovered.

The video Jewish journalist taunted in viral video ‘10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew’ was promoted as 'going viral,' with over one million views in less than two days, but as you can see for yourself on JEWtube, it's got less than 60,000 views, not exactly earth-shaking.

This needs to be shown in context. Try walking around as a Christian in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron in the Hasidic Jew section and see what happens.

P.S. Be sure you have an ambulance standing by and some beefy security people that can wade into a crowd of blood-thirsty psychos and pull your ass to safety, then drive you to the hospital when those Hasidic Jews see you spouting Christian phrases and urging them to read the Bible.

Bottom line Israel, people have had enough of your endless pity-party and eternal victim status. But you love seeing us GOYIM going to extremes in pleasing you and your sick philosophy, but we say now and forever:




147 references to the required number of “6,000,000 Jews” prior to the Nuremberg Trial

Italian Senate moves to outlaw researching World War II

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