Saturday, March 28, 2015


☑ No Solid Evidence of a Plane Crash
☑ Hoax with Motive
☑ Known Previous Hoax Plot (Malaysia Airline MH370, Indoneisa AirAsia QZ850)
☑ Recent History of Government Staged Hoaxes in Countries (Germany, France, Spain)
☑ Fake Looking Scenes
☑ Site Not Open to Public View, Can’t Be Seen by Public
☑ No Actual Evidences (no plane, dead bodies, luggage, fuel burn marks, crater or damage in ground)
☑ Very Easy to Stage (just scatter a bunch of debris all over, place a few pieces of old used plane parts)
☑ Cheap Hoax (no plane, nothing but some garbage spread all over)
☑ Very Suitable Location for Staging Plane Hoax (can't easily access or seen by public due to high mountain range, cliffs, steep rocky slopes)
☑ Very Few Videos and Photos
☑ Blurry Videos & Photos of Site
☑ No Dead Bodies Seen by Anyone (just like Sandy Hook)
☑ Not Logical
☑ Not scientific
☑ Blame It on "Crazy Suicidal Pilot" (like Malaysia Airline MH370, AirAsia QZ850)
☑ Anderson Cooper Reporting
☑ Creepy Color Hypnotism
☑ Donation Pages
☑ International Political Hoax Cooperation Between NWO Nations
☑ Subliminal Programming (subconsciously connecting suicide with Golden Gate Bridge which is well known for hundreds of people jumped off and killed themselves)
☑ “Missing Passengers”
☑ Laughing “Rescuers”
☑ Relaxed “Rescuers”
☑ AirBus A320 Jet Like The Strangely “Crashed” Indonesia AirAsia QZ850
☑ Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Hoax Style Ambulances in Drills
☑ Happy Crisis Actors
(Friends of Selke family: They were amazing, loving people )
☑ NWO Agenda
☑ Plane Remote Control Agenda
☑ Police State Agenda
☑ Fake Evidence: intentionally created and planted evidence, a small piece of plane part clearly shows plane code exactly in the center, while the rest of the plane "shattered" into pieces.
☑ All Talks But No Evidence
☑ Unbelievable Story
☑ Psyop Related
☑ No Close Up Video or Photos of Debris
☑ Passengers Vaporized Into Thin Air (same old stupid lying fairy tale used for WTC 9/11 scam, Pentagon “plane attack” and plane crash at Shanksville.)
☑ Well Organized Photo Op Set Up to Give Illusion of "World United".
☑ Old Wrecked Flight Voice Recorder, Not Freshly Damaged

Found at this Youtube site!
This is the flight voice recorder they claim came from the German wings U49525 air bus plane, it looks old and rusted inside, the paint is so old it flaked off, it doesn't look like freshly damaged. It was placed on a white sheet of paper for photographing, while the dirt is not cleaned up, a sign of intentional photo op. What is more important, remove all the dirt that may damage inside the voice recorder or have a nice background for propaganda photos?

No one noticed the captain, locked out of the cockpit, banging on the door, demanding to be let in until the last minute or two? Sounds farfetched, since we're being told no one noticed what was going on and started screaming until the very last.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but in flight, an airliner is either in ascent mode halfway to the next city or descending after the half-way mark. Either way, the jet engines make distinctly different sounds, and no one noticed that the jet engines weren't still in ascent mode and had switched to descent mode?
Again, that defies belief that no one noticed that until the last minute or two.

Please bear with me for this next statement: Was Lubitz originally scheduled to fly as co-pilot on this flight or was someone named 'Mohammed' or a similar sounding Arabic name scheduled and had to cancel at the last minute due to sickness or a family matter?

That way, the NWO mob could keep the terror meme alive that all Arabs are murderous thugs. Any way you look at this incident, it doesn't add up to what we're being told.


  1. I was waiting for someone to call it as it is. Hoax.

    The whole story just didn't make sense.

    Very little debris and the pilot was locked out of the cockpit?


    Several days ago I had an overwhelming feeling that something bad is going to happen. Call it a premonition or whatever, but this is not the first time this has happened with me. I've had this all my life.

    I hope I am wrong, but regardless, stay alert and be prepared.

  2. Thanks for posting this. This was another strange one, but I've got no time to sort it out. It just keeps on coming. I'm sure there will be another puzzle to dissect in a few days.

    I finally have a new post up - let me know what you think

  3. Just a warm-up for another 9/11 False Flag?

  4. As according to some "Very Respected" media "celebrities" there were reports from witnesses on the ground which have heard the co-pilot shouting "Allahu Akbar " just before the crash !

  5. nice post... if you guys keep this up ur gonna get huge in the blogosphere soon!
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