Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm Glad the Sadistic, Unhinged, Blood-Thirsty Psycho Netenyahu Won Reelection!

Gaza_2014_Operation_PE photo Gaza_2014_1_zps9aecac29.png

I say that because Netenyahu is a total nutjob, a violent psychopath with homicidal urges that can only be fulfilled by killing indigenous Palestinian women and children in the Gaza Death Camp.

Look for Nuttyahoo to celebrate his victory and give his war mongering, apartheid nightmare state of Israel another big injection of the blood of innocents by this Summer when he sends the world's most immoral army, the IDF, back into the Gaza Death Camp to get their kicks by mass-murdering another couple thousand Palestinians.

For then the world will finally say 'ENOUGH!" and start an economic boycott of that nation of sadistic war mongering Khazar psychopaths, so that horrific pics like this no longer get made:

8.12.14 photo G5_zps82a97bc1.jpg

Yes, it will be hard on the Palestinians, but regardless of who would've won, nothing much would have changed for them. Death, misery and destruction from Israel is their daily diet, whether it was Nutty or his rivals literally calling the shots.

Nut Yahoo has declared victory in the election! So now Israelis have one of two things to admit. Either 1. Their elections are rigged, or 2. They condone THIS:

2.6.15 photo Gaza_dead_zpsuns1hace.jpg


  1. The people of the Jewish State have spoken.

    Either that or Bibi did some very heavy duty blackmailing to get the machines greased.

    And the war drums continue to beat. But did we really expect much of a difference no matter who won?

    Now Bibi can organize the Murkan 2016 elections. How nifty is that?

  2. Greg,

    nutty wins, celebration continues in a biig way!

    Gunmen opened fire Wednesday at a major museum in Tunisia's capital, killing at least 20 people, mostly foreigners, in one of the worst terrorist attacks in this struggling North African democracy that depends heavily on tourism.

    (Imagine) nutty's late night sleazy TV commercial:
    " Yeah, visit israhell instead! Special discount for the European Jews, Come and settle in israhell, for only 666 sheckles! we are constantly making room for U, without lifting our precious yiddish fingers. Instead, we have the Americans working hard for us & U. Must act fast ...cause the anti semites are coming to get U! "

  3. I say the elections were rigged. Considering the rogue state harbours and sanctions criminals, it is more than obvious.

    In America, the votes are rigged. Yet, people proudly proclaim their right to vote as an act of freedom when the choices are limited.

  4. Lee, I'm with you. There was too big a flip from the polling to the end results for it not to be rigged.

    Nutty also broke Israeli campaign laws by campaigning on election day, but nothing will come of that.

    Now it's on to the next Nutty False Flag, or maybe False Flags.


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