Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is America Waking Up to the Treacherous, Insidious Israeli Influence on Our Government?

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In this morning's YAHOO, there's an article, "Boehner off to Israel; Netanyahu's ties to Obama hit new low," about the Speaker Traitor of the House, Boehner, going to Israel to get in some serious butt licking with his Master, Nuttyahoo.

Not that long ago, most of the comments would of been in favor of this sickening smooch fest, but today, a large majority is against the visit and calling Boehner all sorts of things, mostly TRAITOR.

Are we waking up to the treachery, back-stabbing, thieving, false flags and occupation of our country by Israel?

Let's hope so!

With nearly 5,000 comments so far, here's a sampling along with my favorites!

Boehner caressing his Master, Nuttyahoo

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Boehner is going to sit at his Master's feet and get petted. He's a disgrace.

We should be allowed to see what orders Boehner gets from Israel.

Is the 47 TRAITORS ride with Mr. Boehner . . ? ? ?

just when i think boehner cant get any more stupid with his actions he proves me wrong. i have no idea what his real agenda is but the net result is he is an embarrassment to american politics. he makes us look dysfunctional

Tell Boehner not to forget to take Cotton along so they can get their new marching orders from their new leader. Sickening.

Israel looked as one state of the USA, but it is wrong: the USA are now leaded by Israel! How many high level politicians have a second Israeli passport? Is it sane to be submitted to such important influence, that is disproportinnated with the number of people that it represents in the Country?

This trip proves Boehner's true allegiance: to the State of Israel.. The invitation wasn't (U.S.congres) enough. He should stay in israel for good with his compadre, bibi.

Just another move by the speaker of the house Bonehead in his continued quest to show us what an idiot he is. Here's a thought Bonehead. Let's take care of our problems here in the USA first before we meddle in other Countries problems. Last I heard you were speaker of the American house.

Mr ZOG BOEHNER headed to Zion the real Zion none of that Matrix business neither

No surprise. Boehner reports to AIPAC and Netanyahoo, not the American taxpayers.

I hope Nutnyahoo gets little support from Washington, it is time we stop letting Israel dictate our foreign policy and trying to influencing our government. As much as we support Israel we get nothing but unyielding political dogma. I hope Washington stands up to the man as much as he seems to try an do the same.
And my favs!
Google " Slave to Israel" "...the first time in recorded history that a small nation with less than eight million citizens has subjugated a much larger country with a population of more than 310 million."

This is a man that was behind 9/11 and was out to hurt the USA, also admitting his God is satan..... false jews the bible warned about.... Obama finally knows the truth about 9/11 and he knows can see how nervous he his thinking he doesn't have the military support of the USA I'm just wondering what that asshole is going to bring back with him?? like an excuse to sneek a nuke into the country I don't trust any of them, he went over there for a reason and it makes me sick to think we paid for it. That guy should have NEVER had been re-elected but those people are just as dumb down as we once were.... the world is changing for the good :) and I can't wait for the rest of the truth to come out. who really needs to be exposed is Jeb Bush and Hillary, neither of them will ever be president they are going down with the rest of their cabal friends

Boehner is treasonous Zionist. You SERVICE AMERICA not Isis-Ra-El, and the voting public is going to remind you of this very soon.

this piece of garbage traitor should stay in Israel. he doesnt belong here with us Americans who are for America, not some terrorist state.
Caught On Tape: What The Netanyahu Really Thinks Of US

"Give 'em Hell, Ken!"


  1. Very well said.

    I'm thinking of the Beach Boys song called "Wouldn't It Be Nice".

    Wouldn't it be nice if Obama turned on his puppet masters much like Frankenstein's monster did?

    Oh, Wouldn't it be nice, or "Help Me Obama, Help Me Obama...Bah,Bah,Bah,Bah Bahhhhh".

  2. Lee, don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to stand up to our occupiers.

  3. Thanks, Greg. I was starting to turn blue. *gasp*

    I just made a comment on Yahoo regarding the use of immigrants as police officers. I mentioned they probably would hire Israelis since they a trigger happy psychopaths.

    The comment probably didn't get posted. They seem to block my posts.


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