Thursday, March 26, 2015

Israeli Butchers Have Been Murdering Their Way to Eretz Israel Since at Least 1947

Here's what American kids are fighting and dying for and what our bank accounts are being emptied to support, Eretz Israel.

GI_7.16.14 photo Greater_israel_zpsd3f218fb.jpg

BBC documentary about how Israelis invaded Palestine, Egypt, Syria and attacked Lebanon. Israel started the 6 day war and therefore caused the 78' war. Egypt at least got back their lost territory and Syria got back only 1/3 of their own. Israel is not the country you think it is, they are thieves, and murderers....And liars, false flag experts, corrupters, dividers, porn Kings, dealer in illegal drugs, white slavery; stealing women from E. Europe and Russia to work in Israeli brothels and racists.

Besides owning our financial system and most of the MSM, Israel also has its agents in control of our Treasury Department, where many of the war-like sanctions against Iran and Russia emanate.

Secretary of the Treasury....Jacob J. Lew

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury....Sarah Bloom Raskin

Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.....David S. Cohen

Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing.....Daniel L. Glaser
Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)​​​​​.....Adam J. Szubin....

Any questions? When the Israeli's aren't getting our kids killed or looting our wealth, they attack us outright, like they did on 9/11, a False Flag masterminded by Israel with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA.

 photo 4bac99c3.jpg


  1. It took two world wars to establish the shitty little country in the Middle East which even today is not completely recognized under international law. And how many wars since then to defend the stolen land?

    I'm still rooting for the sequestration of the troublemakers to Birobidzhan and erect a 10' chain-link fence around them with concertina wire so they can figure out their own disagreements and leave the rest of us alone. Someone pay for my trip and expenses and I am willing to give a quote having been in that kind of business for over 10 years. :-)

  2. Bid high, real high, since you'll need a massive security force to protect you from the Khazar psychos.


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