Sunday, April 5, 2015

Israeli Racists Killing Slave Workers

When a 'G-d' you created commands you to be in charge of everyone non-Jew, then anything is possible, even the murder of Thai hired help.

How would you like to work 17 hours a day, seven days a week with only four days a year off? Surrounded by racist thugs, living in poison and being condemned to squat in hovels not fit for animals.

Want to get worked to death while living cardboard boxes?

Migrate to Israel.

Abuses of Thai Workers in the Israeli Agriculture sector

Brown skin, black or yellow, Israel doesn't discriminate against people of color, they hate them all!
Israel rounding up and selling off their black people to African nations for weapons

Mossad agent Hadas offering $8,000 per refugee and a trade package including agricultural training, technology, and arms for African nations to take in Israeli blacks.
Wonder if the 'Jew York Times' will be running these stories?


  1. Treating the people who grow their food like animals. In the Jewish perception on non Jews, it is only fair and fitting. After all, those Thai worker should be grateful they have a job.

    It is only a matter of time til Israel reaps what it sows.

  2. Lee, I hope your right about not much time left before Israel reaps what it sows, since the world doesn't have much time left to deal with those wackos.


    Published on Mar 30, 2015

    The Jewish Monsters who run Ukraine are carrying out genocide and killings throughout the country. They are turning Ukraine into a “Jewish Homeland” for the Khazars. This is what the Jews, Lenin and Trotsky, did to Russia in 1917.

    Ukraine: Zionist America’s new Jewish colony -- Run by Crown Corporation Of London

    The recent shock revelation that Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, is Jewish, as is the country’s coup-installed Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenuk, has come as a stunning body blow to many Ukrainians. This is because Ukraine happens to be one of the most anti-Semitic nations on earth, and not without good reason.

    Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by the junta authorities in Kiev. He played an active role in the organization of the Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014 together with his private army, the “Dnieper-1″ Battalion.

    Bloodbath in Odessa guided by interim rulers of Ukraine

    The Atlanticist media stubbornly presents the crimes committed in Odessa on May 2 as the result of an accidental blaze, while the photos and video footage available leave no doubt that the victims were tortured and murdered before being burned. We bring you first-hand information on how the operation was organized and executed under the direct and personal authority of coup-appointed acting President Alexander Turchinov and Ukrainian-Israeli oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskiy.

    Genocide In Eastern Ukraine: Eye Witness Account Confirms that Ukraine Armed Forces Are Deliberately Targeting Civilians

    Putin a Puppet of Chabad-Lubavitch Sect

    Texe Marrs - The Jewish Coup in Ukraine/Khazaria

    Texe Marrs - Why Kabbalistic Jews Want To Do Evil

    50,000 casualties in Ukraine? German intel calls Kiev’s 6k toll ‘not credible’

    Ukraine Rebels Call Putin a Coward After Russian Inaction

    Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot

    In Russia, Ten Years in Jail for “Extremist” Speech

    Russian political prisoners in the Russian Federation

    Putin, the Pedophile?

    Poisoned spy accused Putin of being a paedophile

    Ron Paul: Ukraine Coup Planned By Nato And EU

    Crypto-Jew Putin & Neo-Nazi-Jew Poroshenko: Zionist Partners in Crime

    Zionist Control Over Russia 1917-2015

    Russia Ruled by Crypto-Jews

    Putin & The Rothschild Banking Cartel

    The diagram connecting Putin, Rothschild, and Rockefeller

    View the diagram which proves that the West and Putin are both under the control of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

    Putin is playing Champion of Freedom in a Charade

    Putin 100% in the pocket of the Usurers

  4. Are they nice to the ladyboys?


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