Thursday, April 30, 2015

Veterans Today Censoring Comments,: "Operation Mocking Bird?"

The latest mind drippings from Gordon Duff:
4.30.15 photo VT2_zpsj4pimrbg.png

Here's one comment that got axed. There were at least two others that I didn't get a screen shot of, since the censor was busy at work.

VT_4.30.15 photo VT_4.30.15_zpsgh0fshzg.png

And here's part of the story:
Pranked: Press TV and Russia Today Burned on “Martial Law”

“No – this has nothing to do with Martial Law.” becomes "Yes" when Press TV and RT are pranked

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today Russia Today and Press TV joined the ranks of blogger radio pundits in an effort to send thousands of mentally challenged Americans into their storm cellars, heads wrapped in cooking foil, hiding from black helicopters, “Fetzer” energy rays and impending martial law. As American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”


This week, an Army spokesman addressed a terrified crowd in Texas, hoax victims of “yellow journalism.” Today, both Press TV and Russia Today published falsified quotes from that video taped meeting that they seem never to have watched.

Both press organizations falsely claim the US Army said it was training for martial law. They published this with no sources other than reading it off blogger sites.
But censoring comments that don't agree with His Royal Majesty Gordon Duff is to be expected from Veterans Today.

Duff likes to puff himself up by claiming he served in a Marine combat unit during the Vietnam War, when he was actually a clerk-typist, 'in the rear, with the gear' and got a Purple Heart from a wound sustained by dropping a typewriter on his foot.

The one comment that got censored had the commenter taking Veterans Today to task for writing dubious articles themselves, ending with "Pot, Kettle Black."

The other left said, "What's a little yellow journalism between friends?"

Also canned.

My guess is that Veterans Today 'Grand Poo-Bah,' Gordon Duff, writer of the story, is the one playing God.

But when one adds in that the State Department and Congress were both going after 'RT' this past week for posting stories that didn't jibe with the official BS being peddled, one has to wonder if Duff is part of 'Operation Mocking Bird?'

Throw in the fact that VT has closed comments on this April 29 story and methinks that 'Gordo' has been catching what he never did during the Vietnam War...Flak.


  1. Duff has always been full of crap Greg.

    Fetter has his own blog now.

    They tool Fetzers columns down, fired Stew Web and O'Down resigned.

  2. And here I thought Gordon Duff was a straight up guy? I heard some comments, but didn't know which way to go.

    So, he's a Viet Nam veteran with a purple heart,eh?

    Back when the Draft was on, I was going to enlist in the Navy, but opted out at the last minute. I figured I'd wait for the Draft and just do the two year hitch if I lived through it.

    I didn't go to college for a deferment or join other forces for 7 and 10 years like my buddies did.

    I braced myself and the draft was called off.

    I think that took more guts than Duff has now. But I tell you, I was scared during those days never knowing if I was called up next.

    Some of my buddies came back in metal caskets.

  3. Someone told me a while back that Duff is actually Jewish..

    That makes this all make sense then... The satanic blood in him makes him lie his ass off and he is definitely then working for the glory of his devil worshiping tribe...

  4. Yes, Duff is a 'Tribe' member, he's admitted to that. His real last name is 'Foote,' which makes me more suspicious of this bozo. Why did he need to change his name to publish Veterans Today?

    Yes. Lee, I too had some friends that came back from 'Nam in body bags and one came back a mental mess, which he tried to solve by crawling inside a bottle, That didn't work, so he eventually used a gun to put his mind at ease.


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