Wednesday, April 29, 2015

When You Can't See FOX N*** Anchor Liz Hasselbeck's Panties, Then She's Serious!

On the April 28, 2015 morning "Fox and Friends" news propaganda program, one of the hosts pole dancers, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, likes to wear skirts and dresses so short, you can almost see what color panties she's wearing.

Fox is not using sex to sell their BS, no, it's intrepid reporting by 'Liz' who's prepared to do anything, even showing you her panties, all in the interest of solid reporting!

Except for the morning covering the Baltimore riots, when Liz and her fellow reporters comedians Steve "I'm Clueless" Doocy and the talking hemorrhoid AKA Brian Kilmeade, who lays awake nights worrying that Americans are marrying into other species?

If you need a good laugh or two, read some other outrageous statements made by this human piece of pond scum.

This is Elisabeth Hasselbeck's prim and proper look, when she wants to be taken seriously!4.29.15 photo FOX2_zpsceihaca6.png

Liz rates 'Five Stars' in the dingbat department, with ludicrous statements about abortion and the mass-murder of Iraqi's, an illegal war that ALL Americans are responsible for.

Ahhh, this is more like it, who needs coffee when you get can get your morning charge by drooling over Hasselbeck's panties!

You can take the girl out of the strip club, but you can't take the stripper out of the girl!

It's not just Fox News: Islamophobia on cable news is out of control

Here's the REAL News!
There's one ethnic ME group that is pitting the Muslim world against the Christian world in the hopes people will look away when this group of sociopathic religious maniacs butcher Palestinians.

They keep inciting fear and hatred in the hopes that the USA will keep fighting wars for Israel while our nation's infrastructure falls apart due to lack of money; money spent on endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

They're hoping both groups will exhaust themselves financially, physically and spiritually, so they can swoop in and pick up the remains.

If you know who that is, you're on the road to enlightenment.


  1. Lizzy Hasselbeck is a cheap slut and media whore.. She has to dress that way simply because she does not have two brain cells to rub together....

    If you just take the time to actually listen to her talk, she is a blithering idiot.... No brains at all...

    But hey, Greg.. You hit the nail on the head by the fact that she is eye candy and as usual..."Sex sells" and keeps the dumb ass Americans watching...

  2. BTW... Maybe someday I will be qualified to be on your left hand wall of truth sites and links... I guess I do not qualify yet.. sigh....

  3. NTS, you qualify to be on my list, but as you can tell, I don't know squat about blogging, just look at my anemic site. Every time I go into the guts to change something, it's an exercise in terror as I don't know how it's going to turn out, so I leave it alone.

  4. Here's something interesting

    Babies from Nepal born to surrogates arrive in Israel
    Israel repatriates babies born to surrogate mothers in Kathmandu whose fathers are homosexual Israelis.
    The babies would undergo DNA testing to confirm their parentage and then receive Israeli citizenship.
    Tammuz, an Israeli firm offering surrogacy services, said meanwhile it had sent a delegation from India to ensure the well-being of the approximately 80 pregnant Indian women in Nepal who are serving surrogate mothers to the company's primarily (queer Sodomite) Israeli clients.

  5. Andie, saw that article, typical Israeli BS.
    They evacuated the babies, but left the mothers in Nepal.

    Trying to get some darker skinned Israelis for the media instead of all those ones with light hair and blue eyes?

  6. The surprising thing about people is they think with their sexuality perversions. They can't realize the legs don't enhance her ability to speak with anything that makes any sense. On the view she was rude to females prettier then her. She is a air head.

  7. Instead of looking at her legs look into her face and eyes. One notices air escaping from her ears which supports she is a air head. She I remember demeaned so many other females on the VIEW because she wanted to have the power and control. Its very sad that people place all their energy on the sexual focus, and not on her mental abilities, dud, she doesn't have any.....


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