Monday, May 11, 2015

"7 million" People Were Holycausted at Treblinka!

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Seven million gassed at Treblinka? Better open your wallets and close your mind, as this latest Holocaust™ scam will bring tears to your eyes or your just a vile, Jew-hating anti-Semite!
See under the headline "Made To Watch Victims' Burial" in following scan of the Derby Evening Telegraph from Monday, May 14, 1945 for the following passage:

"Seven million people were killed by the Germans in the Polish horror camp of Treblinka in three years, said Moscow radio to-day."

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OMG, when will this sadness madness ever stop?

It will stop when the Jew is finally exposed as the parasitic, blood-sucking malignant organism it truly is.

In Europe, the book was a smash, translated into eighteen languages and made into a hit film. In the United States, however, it had sold poorly, so poorly that Defonseca and her ghostwriter successfully sued their publisher for $33 million for inadequate promotion, one of the largest judgments in publishing history. Two years ago, publisher Jane Daniel fought back, twenty-first century style: she launched a blog, called Bestseller, questioning Defonseca's story, hoping to nullify the court's decision by proving the author was a fraud.

It was there online, one day in December 2007, that Sharon Sergeant (MET-83), now an adjunct faculty member in BU genealogical research program, stumbled upon the controversy. And she thought she might be able to help.

Since then, Sergeant has become widely known as a hoax buster, putting to work the forensic skills she's honed over twenty years to help debunk three fraudulent Holocaust memoirs. The tools of her profession include photographic timelines and databases, vital records, census reports, property deeds, maps, newspaper interviews, obituaries, phone directories and living relatives. Skype, online records, and blogs have also broadened her reach, and DNA testing is an option if she needs it.

Sergeant mined the various translations of the book and used the discrepancies among names and dates to piece together Defonseca's true identity, which was in fact Monique De Wael. She also noticed a number of Catholic references in the text, and through contacts in Belgium, including Evelyne Haendel, a genealogist who herself had been an orphan hidden during the war, she came up with a baptismal certificate proving De Wael was not Jewish. School records showed De Wael was enrolled in grammar school, along with the sister of Defonseca's future husband, at the time she was supposedly running across the countryside, hiding from Nazis and living with wolves.

Detractors have called Sergeant a witch-hunter, a Holocaust denier, and even a Nazi.
Want to see what a REAL holocaust looks like?

Then look at the 67 year old psychotic Jew genocide of the native Palestinians.

What the world's most 'moral army' loves to do, shoot Muslim babies in the head.
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  1. some of 'em survived chicken pox, but when you think about it surviving "holocox" sounds much better and glamorous, don't ya think? Be on the LOLocaust train and collect money til eternity! ☺☺

  2. Damn.... 7 Million at "Treblinka"... Astounding...

    Few people understand that Treblinka itself was a railway station and the field that the "millions" were supposedly killed encompassed the space of basically two football fields... And Treblinka was only in operation some 18+ months... So it is by a miracle as usual in the jewish psycho mind that "7 Million" were killed there....

    So many liars, so little time... And now these psychos are running out of victims as they all die of old age, so now they are claiming their "offspring" are suffering from the "holyhoax" as well...

  3. NTS, not only are their children getting holohaox reps, the grandkids are now suing Germany for money to treat their psychiatric condition for being a grandchild of the holohaox!

  4. See..Nick Cook - The hunt for zero point.. Page 158
    Kammler "reengineered" the Warsaw
    Ghetto after the crushing of the uprising in August 1944. He not only
    leveled the "contaminated area," but made sure that each of the 34
    million bricks from the Ghetto was used for other essential building
    projects. He was also called in to advise on methodologies for increasing
    the daily output of the camps' gas chambers and ovens from 10,000 to
    60,000. For this and his other work he was rewarded with an SS general's
    rank of Obergruppenführer.

    So 60,000 a day, could make 7 millions possible in Trblinka?

  5. 60,000 a day in those 'ovens' they're so fond of showing?

    Where was the giant piles of coal needed, since they weren't in the pics taken by Allied recon planes.

    Since it takes modern crematoriums at least 2 hours to cremate a body, still leaving the large bones, like the femur, it would be impossible to burn even 10,000 a day, let alone 60,000.

    And I'm a bricklayer, and I've worked on fireplaces and know that after awhile, you need to grind out the firebricks joints and tuckpoint new fireset--mortar designed to resist the heat--into the joints, meaning the fireplace, or in this case, the firebrick lined over, would be shut down, for at least a week, to let the fireset cure.

  6. One major problem with coal, or what the Germans supposedly used for the ovens... "Coke" is that it burns at a much lower temperature and therefore the "ovens" would have taken even longer than the 2hours plus of modern high temperature crematoriums....Estimates are more like 6 hours plus for each body being burned using coke....

    At that rate, there is no way in hell the Germans could have cremated 50 bodies a day, let alone the fraud 60000 that even this "Ray" suddenly comes up with...


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