Tuesday, May 19, 2015

9/11: "War of Lies" Documentary

The neoCON's and Zionists and their Jew Overlord who did 9/11 are getting a bit antsy. All of their scheming and lying to push the blame onto the Muslim world is coming undone, since each day, more and more are waking up to the FACT that 9/11 was masterminded by Israel, with help from American traitors in the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA, and that's not good...for them.

So it's on to one of their alternative plans to stick Saudi Arabia with the blame. Ever wonder why the 14 'hijackers' on 9/11 who were from Saudi Arabia, why that Dark Age kingdom of terror never got any blame? That's because Saudi Arabia was going to be used to backstop the original lie when the truth started becoming universal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Saudi Arabia, their rulers should get the same 'haircut' they dish out regularly to poor souls caught up in their nightmare.

The Crypto-Jew Saud family and their 7,000 or so princes might find things to be getting a wee bit hot. The days of one of their 'princesses' running up a SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR Paris hotel bill might be coming to an end.

War of Lies doc:

In 1999, Rafed Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi fled his native Iraq and ended up in Cologne, Germany. In his asylum application, he stated that he was a chemical engineer working for the military industrial complex in Iraq. This naturally attracted attention. A member of the German secret service, the BND, told him that “they” wanted to bring down Saddam Hussein, Al-Janabi claims. Music to the ears of this Iraqi, who wanted nothing more than to see the end of the ruthless dictator. Al-Janabi suggested that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and made sketches of the complex where he worked. He received the code name Curveball, which turned out to be strangely fitting. His relationship with the BND went sour, however, and after October 2000 there was no more contact between them. Then, after 9/11, the old file was dug up and sent to the American and British secret services. In 2003, President Bush gave the order to invade Iraq on the basis of this dubious information.
Director Matthias Bittner intercuts segments of a long interview with Al-Janabi with news clips about his lies and reenacted scenes from his wanderings since leaving his country. Was Al-Janabi really able to walk all over the world's intelligence services and how did this lie become a convenient truth?
WAR OF LIES - TRAILER from Maffo on Vimeo.

Gosh, there's no Wikipedia or Jewtube entry, gosh, wonder why?

German web page for "War of Lies," English translation coming soon.

More info at "Truth and Shadows" blog.
Before the screening of War of Lies, the film’s German director, Matthias Bittner, was called to the stage and introduced. He said very little, mainly cryptically that “in Germany this film will never be broadcast in a festival – even a student festival – or in a cinema.”

Someone in the audience asked: “Why?”

Bittner didn’t answer. Instead, he shrugged his shoulders and quickly left the stage, pointedly looking at the audience, as if to say: “You decide – after you see the film.”


  1. sometimes I think no one is waking up to 9-11 and what goes with it...at least not in my bloodline. I am a true oddball. Well, thank God!

  2. Oh I changed my profile name and photo. I did it for a reason.

  3. You know the saying..."if everyone likes you, you're doing it wrong."


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