Friday, May 8, 2015

Americans, Safely Inside Their Bubble of Stupidity, Sports, Arrogance, Sex and Ignorance

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Yes, we Americans are exceptional! Just ask the survivors of Afghanistan... or Iraq... or Libya..or Syria...or Yemen...or Pakistan...or Palestine...or Lebanon...hey, wait a minute, those nations are the ones Israel wanted destroyed as laid out in Oden Yinon's 1982 plan for butchering the Muslim world called, A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.

But I'm getting side-tracked. This blog is supposed to be about American 'exceptionalism,' which must be true, since all of our recent blood-soaked, homicidal maniacs we get as Presidents say it's so, so stand erect, salute the flag and get teary-eyed or you're some kind of Commie Jihadist trying to destroy our land built on the backs of slaves and the murder of millions of indigenous people.

Yes, we're exceptional, since our bubble of stupidity, sports, arrogance, sex and ignorance helps perpetuate the fantasy that we be #1, thanks to 'Muh Freedoms!'

We keep up-to-date on the latest Kim K antic. We know all about the naughty things Miley Cyrus does! We can stand forth and regurgitate endless reams of sports factoids on our favorite athlete or team.
When our government starts blasting to hell and gone another country thousands and thousands of miles way, to 'secure out freedom,' we cheer lustily as the bombs, shells and missiles start tearing apart humans and proudly fly the flag, damn near becoming sexually aroused as we watch the slaughter on our 65" HDTV.
Yet we're so fucking ignorant of the world, 99% of the time we don't know where the country is or why we're really butchering people, but hey, freedom isn't free and those pesky savages are going to heel or else!
While our country falls apart, due to lack of maintenance to the highways, bridges, dams, schools and nuclear power plants, many of which are past their safe operating age, we don't give a fuck, 'cause freedom isn't free, just ask any 'rughead' before we slam a Predator drone missile into their wedding party.

We worship the 'druggie' Rush Limbaugh and put FOX N*** right there next to our Holy Bible. Yes, we're a 'gawd-fearin' nation and if anyone disagrees, we'll send in the police or the 82nd Airborne to give them a lesson in American Christianity!
Our G-d, Jesus, is the only G-d and buddy, don't you even think about practicing religious freedom in the USA, unless you're a Christian or belong to the ones in charge of the USA, Jews.

Come the weekend, we turn loose and engage in an orgy of BBQ's, Lite Beer and checking out the neighbor's hot-looking 15 yo niece behind our Foster Grants, while sleeping with the wife who we haven't touched in a sexual way for months.

But we freedom loving Americans have a variety of hobbies including: BBQ; Dog Fighting; Eating; Competitive Eating; Frivolous Lawsuits; Gaming; Shopping; TV; worship of athletes; raping the environment; sticking our well-armed noses into other nation's business; running our mouths and showing off our stupidity in all its glory and if the other fuckers don't like that, we'll kill the SOB's 'cause freedom isn't free!

WARNING: Don't watch this video if your allergic to the truth!

Comment left at this video says it all:
This is not accurate at all. My breakfast is served with 24 strips of bacon with a mug of bacon grease, chocolate is left to second breakfast, while I charge my scooter and load my shotgun while wiping away the Cheetos dust into my semen encrusted American flash t-shirt prior to a trip to Walmart where I shoplift and demand to see a manager for their harsh treatment of me, and their descrimination against my 700+ pound glory.
Let "Encyclopedia Dramtica" tell us the truth, if we're smart enough to listen:
America, (also known as Americans, when singular A-merry-cunt) are the fattest breed of animals on Earth. Americans frequently visit and are made from 80% fat, 20% propaganda, and 100% FAIL while their women are epicly ugly and their men have tiny penises (among those who actually have them). Americans are those who call The United States of America (pronounced "Murka") home. A veritable melting pot of races, creeds and colours, this sub-human offshoot of humanity has been rendered practically brain-dead by being force-fed vast quantities of "stuff" and relentlessly beaten about the head with the Stupid Stick.

The world's opinion of Americans is that they are morbidly obese, ignorant, arrogant bullies who, being liberal, hillbillies with a severe case of the stupid, for the most part, act like they are God's gift to the planet Earth. Meanwhile, the rest of the world hates America with unfathomable intensity, which Americans have convinced themselves is 'jealousy.'

It is often asked of Americans and non-Americans alike, "Why do you hate America?" and, although there are over nine thousand answers to this question, the main reason is that the only thing that stands between the Arab nations of the Middle East pushing Israel into the ocean (exactly like those genocidal, anti-semitic, land-theiving white people from europe pretending to be middle-eastern deserve) is the U.S. government and the American Public's undying support for the Jews.

Even the hordes of fundie Xtians that pretty much run America love the Jews and support the state of Israel, believing that Israel's existence is key to setting the stage for The Rapture according to Biblical prophecy. However, all Americans can identify with a nation built on faggotry, stolen land and the subjugation of its savage Injun natives.

Most importantly, it is a well-known fact that the IQ range of the general, ordinary American is 70 or lower.
Things Americans hate

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