Saturday, May 2, 2015

British Brood Sow Spawns Another Welfare Moocher

What is the deal with the obscene public infatuation with what just popped out of some Brit's thighs? Especially the British, who should realize that another 'Welfare Queen,' or maybe Welfare Princess just got added to the public bill, footed by the British to support this family of inbreds.

Big deal that another Rothschild minion will be able to say 'Uncle Daddy' or 'Aunt Mommy' and do it on their dime.

The so-called 'Royals' have exclusive access to over FIVE BILLION pounds worth of palaces, yachts, custom jets, jewelry, limos, horse farms, etc and get another 250 million a year in cash to enjoy this public financed largesse.

Worse is American's fascination with these 'Goobers,' a line of incest that goes back generations. Try their bedroom activities yourself and you'll get arrested, since you're not a 'Royal.' Besides, didn't we kick out these bozos back in 1783, so who in the hell invited them back?

Here's a small taste of what it's like to have your every whim catered to by an army of willing sycophants for a public reception only attended by the rich and super-rich for the queen here in the States:
The color of the flowers had to be approved by Buckingham Palace and petals sent to England so the queen could match her outfit to the decor. The palace requested that guests be placed in groups of seven and stand in premarked spots without moving — the queen would come to them. The food was passed around on trays and had to be consumed standing up. No issues with wine. Her Majesty travels with her own drink valet, the only person authorized to fill her glass.
Due to the Royal family paying their hired help such anemic wages, a reporter was able to bribe a servant to take a picture of the newborn freeloader!
 photo DEVIL-BABY.jpg


  1. Have you seen Jerry Lewis' banned "documentary"?

  2. Wow, Greg... That kid is pretty.. Pretty damn ugly...

    I suppose they had Kate induced to deliver their newest satan seed on a Jewish predetermined date... Much like when they had others delivered on the Summer solstice...

    These inbreds are so disgusting.. Welfare is actually too good for these murderous pedophile freaks of nature.. A hangman's gallows would be more fit...

  3. Look at those cheeks, neanderthalish eyebrows......

    OMG...where did you dig up that pic? It is actually binny nittyahoo's baby pic, supposed to be hidden from the Murican goys! :)

    spamella geller is baaaack!

    "Two gunmen 'carrying explosives' attack anti-Islam art contest in Texas..The woman behind the Muhammad cartoon contest targeted in a Texas shooting Sunday has a long history of inflammatory anti-Islam propaganda.."

  4. Texas and Gellar deserve each other, they're both loud, obnoxious tarts who will open their mouth for anyone.


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