Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Extensive Damage Done By BIRD to Passenger Jet

Thank Odin it was only a bird. Can you imagine what might of happened if the plane had flown into a reinforced concrete and steel skyscraper?

TurkishAirlinesflight_TK2004 photo TurkishAirlinesflight_TK2004_zpsyilgnz2w.png
Turkish Airlines plane suffers huge bird damage to nose, wings during landing

A Turkish Airlines flight TK2004 from Istanbul to Nevsehir has suffered huge damage from a bird strike during landing at the destination.

Most of the damage to the Boeing 737-800 was done in the nose cone and the wings.
Damn bird must of been made from titanium or kryptonite to cause that much damage, since the WTC Twins on 9/11 got the holy hell knocked out of them by a passenger jet. Here's what happens when a jet flies into a building, so how in the hell could a bird cause so much damage? Wink, nod and a shrug!

9.4.14 photo wTc_zps54f0de0c.jpg


  1. Seeing the nose protrude THRU the building, out the other side was always an obvious sign of fakery.

  2. The Empire State Building was hit by an aircraft in 1945. The aircraft hit the building and fell crashing down. Damage to the structure was significant, but did not collapse. 14 were killed and the damage was estimated at a million dollars.

    The Twin Towers were enormously strong buildings because structures that tall must strong enough to withstand winds, quakes, the affects of gravity, and collisions with aircraft. They must be over built and over engineered.

    To imply they were destroyed by jet planes and the subsequent fires, is pure rubbish. Americans who believe the official story should indeed have their freedoms taken away. Which they freely do anyways.

  3. Good scratch that - Excellent points!

    binny nutty wears tito-kryto alloy made diaper, juuust to protect his chosen behind from being targeted by....oh, you know who! ☺

  4. Wow, a bird did that!
    Poor bird :(


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