Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Ha-ha-ha, the Funniest Cartoons About the World's Biggest Con, the Holocaust™" Says Pam Gellar!

"These cartoons are so damn funny, I laughed so hard, I burst one of the silicone packets in my surgically-enhanced breasts! Abe, I need another operation to get my smoking-hot 60 yo bod back!"

Pam Gellar

"Not only are these works of art, they are sexually arousing, as I usually lay one of the back of my latest 'boy-toy' conquest while snorting some primo Peruvian flake, thoughtfully provided by the local Israeli Embassy!"

Geert Wilders

This is your kid's brain being indoctrinated to create the next generation of Holocaust™ slaves
05.09.2015 photo hollocar_zpsqdvjg0ve.jpg

05.09.15 photo hollowcarto_zpstmngjrzg.jpg

05.9.15 photo hollowmis_zps0lsv7onr.jpg

And in the end, this is what the con job AKA the Holocaust™ is really about; getting nations around the world filled with guilt so World Jewry can get hundreds of billions of dollars FREE. And get hundreds of billions worth of the latest advanced weaponry.

 photo hollowmon_zpslxnuawxo.jpg

And get that 100% reliable fuck-proof veto at the UN from their GOY slaves in the USA so the Khazar gangsters can keep on with their brazen land thefts in Palestine and their 67+ years of genocide of the native Palestinians.

Art Work Source

1.19.15 photo holo_zpscbad6c0c.png

Like the cancer it is, the Holocaust™ is mutating and growing tumors everywhere. Like using the Holocaust™ as a shield against those nasty anti-Semites who had the audacity to ask if the Jews were behind the 2008 economic crash, that looted trillions from the Gentile world while Israel grew stronger. (There's links to this story at the noxious ADL, but I refuse to post that POS address.)

And using the Holocaust™ to smack down any questions about Jew and Israeli involvement in the 9/11 False Flag, which has so many 'Chosenites' involved, it looks like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Israeli State threatening immediate demolition of entire Palestinian village

Just like the Israel-USA created and funded IS/ISIS/al Nusra mobs are destroying ancient history in Syria and Iraq, the real anti-Semites, the Khazarian Jews, are destroying history in Palestine.

Now Pammie and Geert, this is another example of free speech, so don't get bent out of shape and send in some MOSSAD mercs to shot up my place, like the False Flag you staged in the Lone Star of David state of Texas.

Over 100 synagogues and temples in Texas, no wonder that state is known as 'Little Israel.'

Inspiration for this blog came from the wicked mind of Noor!


  1. I visited Noor's site.

    I love it.

  2. Tex-ass:

    King Street Patriots, the Tea Party movement is hosting a benefit to raise funds for the building of an underground hospital in Israel.

    Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst will be joined by Former Mossad Director Ephraim Halevy to highlight our ally’s need for the Assaf Harofeh Underground Emergency Hospital Project.

    I called one of Dominik Suter's fake businesses a few years ago and got a callback from Houston. Not surprised.

    Your synagogue link refers to Texas as a "country"

    Mossad is now recruiting online

    "Information about the Mossad's activity does not reach the public, and often what is publicized many years after the event is but the tip of the iceberg of almost imaginary activity and operations,"

  3. Also, the Houston Roland Carnaby case, this guy got snuffed because he was looking into shipments of nuclear materials

  4. andie, Israel is still stealing nuke material and the actual devices from the Texas Pantex plant. Carnaby got in the way and got whacked for doing his job.

    CIA stands for 'Covering Israel's Ass.'


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