Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hollywood: Telling the BIG LIE of the Holocaust™

This Hollywood propaganda piece is called “Nazi Concentration Camps 1945," and as you'll see, many of the BIG LIES about the Holocaust™ are in this piece of flam-flamerry.

This piece of propaganda, "NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS 1945," was created out of thin air--like the fiat money the same gang creates--by Hollywood director George Stevens.

Some of Stevens other fairy tales were; "A Place in the Sun," "Shane," and the crowd fav, "The Diary of Anne Frank," whose real author, Meyer Levin, was paid $50,000 to write.

More Zio-mob lies designed to prop up the BIG LIE of the Holocaust™

At the 32:54 minute mark, they show a lampshade, made from 'human' skin.

And another BIG LIE, about the Nazi shrunken heads, at the 33:22 mark:

At the 36:20 mark, we get gassed by another BIG LIE of the Holocaust™, the gas chambers at Mathausen, which didn't exist in Austria, but never let the truth stand in the way of telling a whopper!

They also tell even more lies about the 'human' skin, which they claim is used to paint obscene pictures. Sounds like the Bin Lade lie about his porno library!

At the 45 minute mark, they 'show and tell' another whopper, about the so-called gas chambers at Dachau. Except the vents for dispersing the 'gas' are in the ceiling and since cyanide is lighter than air, the gas, even if it had been used to kill people, wouldn't be able to travel downwards where someone was standing, as it's chemical properties would force it to float to the ceiling.
And as the Holocaust™ con artists now admit, their were NO gas chambers in Germany, but hey, look at the money they were able to con!

Shower head at Dachau, in the ceiling that we've been told endless times was used to disperse Zyklon B gas, except Zyklon B--which is a pesticide used to kill fleas--is mostly cyanide, a gas that is lighter than air, which means it would float to the ceiling, and not drop down to 'gas' people.
dachau photo dachau_zpshsqztxuv.png

At the 35 second mark, there's a doozy of a whopper being told!

Even Jews know the Holocaust™ is a fraud.

Go to this link to see 42 applications of active and applied 'Trademarks' with the word holocaust!

Ole Dammegard - Making Critical Thinking Illegal: Questioning the Holocaust

Holocaust™ historian admits so-called evidence about the gassing of six million Jews is "weak and flimsy."

If the Holocaust™ scammers hadn't gotten greedy and added the obvious LIES about shrunken heads; human skin lamp shades and a huge electrical mat used to electrocute slave labor camp inmates, they might of gotten their Holocaust™ fraud to pass, but greed took over and it will be their undoing.

Break out the hankies! Another weepy Holocaust™ fraud movie is hitting the toilet bowl of the public outhouse and reporters are going ga-ga over this latest con.


  1. That's the first time I've seen the Dommergue interview. May have to do a Decent Jew post about him.

  2. I read "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins. He writes that there was a conflict of religious Jews and Zionists. The religious Jews believed they were a people waiting for a future messiah that would ultimately bless them with a future land. The Zionists wanted a current land here on Earth. Now.

    The Zionists colluded with the Nazis to detain the religious Jews in camps.

    The Zionists used their own to profit from a fake holocaust.

    Germany did their best to keep the prisoners healthy and well fed. Why would Germany put all that effort only to kill them when Germany had limited resources?

    It doesn't make sense.

  3. Lee, the Zionists also had the infamous Dr. Mengele choose people, not for the 'gas chamber,' but the healthy ones to immigrate to Palestine, the rest got shipped to the German slave labor camps for work building war supplies.

  4. BM, maybe you could title your decent Jew post, 'Righteous Among the Khazars?'

  5. You know,I am SOOOO over the top b-o-r-e-d with this crap!

    Perhaps it is because I have an extremely low tolerance for BS but I just cannot watch this stuff any more. We know all we need to know about the camps themselves and all the myths that we are not supposed to question.

    I am so fed up with these vampires sucking my attention from summer days and thoughts of where to ride my bike! I will never watch Sophie's Choice! I will never watch the Hollywood propaganda movies or any of that crud. This is not "culture" I wish to waste time on.

    Guess I am getting very cranky in my dotage.

  6. It's always been enough for me to know who was the obvious beneficiary of the holocaust™ and that is Rothschild Israel with it's army of fascists. Just one false flag after another.


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