Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The 2015 "High Five" War Monger Brainwashing Tour of the USA

With catch phrases like "When America Goes to War, Families Go to War" this tour de force is bound to bring forth many a misty eye as they travel across our worn-out, outdated and pot-holed highways and dilapidated bridges, made that way due to spending our money on fighting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' the only two entities who are benefiting from this military madness.

So bring the family along, including that little one, who they'll need for cannon fodder when he or she grows up. Maybe they'll drive by a veterans cemetery where some of the 7,000 vets who commit suicide each year are resting!
Wounded Warriors Family Support’s High Five Tour is the quintessential road trip where we thank Americans from all across our great country for their appreciation and support of our nation’s military families for the sacrifices that they make when America goes to war.

This summer, Wounded Warriors Family Support will hit the road for the 6th annual High Five Tour 2015. During the four month tour, a 2015 Ford Explorer and 2015 Ford F-150 will travel more than 26,000 miles as we crisscross the United States, traveling to more than 100 cities and making stops in 48 states. Americans of all walks of life are invited and encouraged to show their support for our military families by visiting an event on the tour and signing the tour vehicles with a message of support to our country’s veterans and their families.

Through the High Five Tour 2015, our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to provide as grants to qualified combat wounded for the purchase of Ford vehicles. We need your help to meet our goal.

9.9.13 photo AMERICA-FIGHT-FOR-ISRAEL_zps761b18b5.jpg

Their list of partners on this sickening propaganda includes many unions, but I guess that's the price the members pay for those good-paying jobs building vehicles for the Empire.

This year will mark the SIXTH time the child killers will criss-cross the Unholy States of America, dripping with blood from their latest butchery.

There's even a gallery of pics showing many Americans doing their part to worship death, and many of them are shown, appropriately either bent over or on their knees.

But hope springs eternal, as one of their Jewtube videos only has nine hits!

One US vet tells off the NYPD and wins, "If you want to fight, go to Iraq."

You can tell by the looks on the cops faces they want to bust this guy up, but there's too many video cameras recording to get away with their typical thug maneuvers.


  1. You should read what the people say on my facebook. Old friends from my hometown, local more professional friends where I am now. They are so gung ho for the military. "Defending our freedom". Would you believe that when a house displays the flag or I see someone waving it I go in the other direction? It represents a type of people who may kick your ass if you disagree with the government.

  2. The brainwashing is nearly complete, which means it's time to fight back harder.


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