Thursday, May 14, 2015

What the Sick and Twisted JEW Has In Store for Palestine

Jenin, before the savage Khazar lunatics calling themselves Jews went on one of their rampages.

Jen_2002_before photo Jininbefore_zpsgdnqiq3l.jpg

Now that the lies of Israel being serious about negotiating a peace deal with the indigenous Palestinians has been outed in ways even the MSM can't deny, more of what the psychotic, blood-sucking, mass-murdering Khazar Tribe did to the Palestinian refugee camp/city of Jenin in 2002, is what 'Bibi the Butcher' and his lunatic cabinet will visit upon the unarmed and forgotten by the world Palestinians.

When the unhinged Jew isn't shooting Palestinian women and children, or crushing peace activists to death, they're burying families alive in a grave made of a building pushed over by American supplied Caterpillar bulldozers while massacring 500 Palestinians in Jenin.

Here's a small sample of the WAR CRIMES committed in Jenin in 2002 by the Jew lunatics invading the refugee camp:
Witnesses stated unarmed people were shot and denied medical treatment, as a result died.

Human Rights Watch have regarded many killings to be unlawful such as the death of a 57 year old wheelchair bound man who was shot and run over by a tank despite having attached a white flag on his wheelchair.

Medical staff were shot at (one nurse killed) while trying to reach the wounded even after clearly being in uniform displaying the red crescent symbol. There have also been reports of Israeli soldiers using Palestinians as human shields, one father described how a soldier rested his rifle on his 14 year old son's shoulder as he shot.

Israel denied the entry of rescue teams and journalists into Jenin even after they withdrew.

Jenin, after the Jew invaded and took out its sexual frustrations on the unarmed Palestinians

Jen_2002_after photo jininafter_zps7cvcdhnv.jpg

When Western reporters were finally allowed into Jenin, they reported that the stench of decomposing bodies from destroyed buildings hung heavily in the air.

But the European Union did 'consider' imposing some kind of economic sanctions against the Jew maniacs, but that thought quickly passed.

"Oops, sorry about that UN, but that's what you get for sticking your nose into our genocide!"
Jin_2002_UN photo jininun_zpsdr3hzrcy.jpg

Click on the green markers in this map to learn more about these camps. Use the + button to zoom in and click on overlapping markers.

UPDATE: The above map doesn't work properly, so click HERE to see and read what's on the map at NPR.

Jenin refugee camp photos courtesy of Jim Stone.

"Falastin, Not Israel"

Israel We Accuse


  1. Rarely do I see the tragedy of Jenin written about these days. I was struck by it because I read of all of the traumatized children. It made me so angry! And quite frankly the general behavior of Israel is so dark and twisted evil I have a hard time believing that the world allows it to exist.
    "Now, after the third incursion, June 2002, psychologists expect that all the children to have been traumatized, as shooting, damage to properties, bombing and house demolition has become a regular event in all areas of the West Bank." What kind of hell...

  2. btw...I've never seen that map...It's useful! If there are suppose to be images I can't see any from my end. I can read what's written.


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