Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Where Should the Birds Fly" is a Heart-Breaking Story of the Israeli Jew's Savage Attacks Against Palestinians

More horror stories of the evil, insane, malignant blood-sucking Israeli Jews ongoing and planned genocidal extermination of the indigenous Palestinians. The story of Mona, who lost nearly all her family due to the world's most immoral army, the IDF, blowing apart a house Mona and her family had been ordered into by the Jew Storm-Troopers.

Where Should the Birds Fly - A Documentary Film By Fida Qishta

Where Should The Birds Fly is the compelling and moving story of two remarkable young women, the future of Palestine, who personify the struggle to maintain humanity, humor and hope, to find some degree of normality in the brutal abnormality that has been imposed on them. Mona is an 11 year old girl of remarkable wisdom. Her family died under Israeli rockets. Fida Qishta, the filmmaker, is a 27 year old journalist. With her crew she has documented the lives of the people of Gaza. This is a Palestinian film, the first made by Palestinians.

A young girl sits among the rubble of her family home. She talks of the many people she knows who have been killed. When asked if she lost many family members she says: "Not many. Just my mother, my father and my brother." Mona is 10 years old.

Omar stands before the rubble of the house he began building on the day his first son was born. Over the next twelve years he painstakingly added brick upon brick, wiring, plumbing, a new room, another floor. A fine house for his growing family, filled with precious mementos, well-kept furniture, wall hangings, children's toys, all the necessary silver and flatware for daily meals and special dinners. Twelve years to the day of his son's birth the bulldozers plowed into his home, destroying his family's shelter, possessions and security. As the camera attempts to record the effect of this devastation, to read his emotions, he raises his hands gently: "What are we supposed to do now?"

Fida Qishta, a young Palestinian filmmaker and journalist from Rafah in Gaza has documented the horrific Israeli invasion and bombardment of Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. Working with her crew of young Gazans, they have kept the cameras rolling for months, recording the struggle of the people of Gaza to retrieve some sense of normalcy from the absolute abnormality of life in the world's largest prison camp, sealed off on all sides by Israeli and Egyptian walls, barbed wire and military.
The Israeli Jews bulldoze Palestinian fields and gardens, trying to starve them into oblivion. The Israeli Jew Navy shoots up the Palestinian fishing boats so they can't use fish to feed their families.

Palestinian Woman and her Children Attacked by Settlers

Raging settlers attack a mother and her children…another day in Occupied Palestine. Meanwhile, an Israeli politician who has referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes” has been appointed to serve as the country’s new “justice minister.”

‘Nailed to a Cross’? World Bank Warns of Impact of Israel’s Siege on Gaza


  1. These uninvited European Jews came over, terrorized and murdered Palestinians, poisoned their wells and once they were cleared out then moved into their homes. Slept in their beds, used their sheets, the kids played with the Palestinian children's toys, ate their food, stole their livelihoods, stole the land, water, the sea, the air space. It was like the attack of the giant fleas. And still is.

  2. Iran says they will hit Tel Aviv with rockets via Hezbollah if Iran is attacked. Israel will scream and cry like little girls. Those screams are nothing compared to the daily terror Palestinians face daily.

    It is only fitting that the cowards in Tel Aviv face a possible massacre.

    Israel whined and complained about the Iran deal with the U.S. However, they were given monetary and military compensation as a consolation prize worth billions. Meanwhile, Americans are being taxed to death and starving while Obama states "He has Israel's back". All the while stabbing the backs of tax paying Americans.

    The Zionized Christian Church will not utter one word about the reckless spending of lives or money when it comes to Israel. Not one word of the truth will be uttered when America celebrates Memorial Day in the next few hours.

  3. Lee, many American 'Christians' are some of the worst hypocrites in the world.
    They watch the descendants of Jesus Christ get slaughtered by the Jews and laugh and celebrate.

    Damn confusing, they seem so lost.

  4. Message in a bottle, when the Israelis weren't sleeping in the Palestinians beds, they were using them as toilets, and also smearing their feces on the home's walls.
    I don't know what it is about Jews fascination with shat, but it's sick.

  5. Greg -

    This list of fugitives via the DOT, every last one of them with the exception of the black guy is an Israeli. On page 4 is Moshe Elmakias, who was involved with the surveillance on the Sears Tower circa 9-11.

  6. Greg. The Jewish fixation with "excrement" is a symptom of their identity. Most people will reach behind their backs and grab wallets to show I.D.

    Jews reach behind their backsides and grab "Shat" to show proof of their Identity.

    Mystery Solved.


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