Sunday, June 7, 2015

Arresting Israeli PM Netenyahu for Hate Speech

Yes, why not, since two precedents have already been set here in the former land of the free and home of the brave?

The first one in Montana, a man was arrested for 'hate speech' and holocaust denial, and is being held with a $500,000 dollar bail. The prosecutor Inquisitor says that Lenio is injuring the reputation of the Jews as a class.

Here's some of what Lenio allegedly said:
USA needs a Hitler to rise to power and fix our #economy and i’m about ready to give my life to the cause or just shoot a bunch of #kikes …

I hope someone goes on a massive killing spree in kalispell school because I'm so poor I can't afford housing and don't care about your kids.

“I am a potential terrorist. I know the truth about 9/11.”
That last statement alone is cause enough to get the REAL perps behind 9/11, Israel, an upset tummy, since they can not afford or allow the TRUTH to come out about that Israeli masterminded attack on the USA.

Despite being banned by Twitter, he was able to, time and again, put up another account. Hmmmm....?

And he still has a 'Youtube' account, which makes this whole affair reeking of false flagism

I watched one of his videos and he doesn't come across like some raving maniac, like the 'Jewhadists' that have been hired by Rita Katz to star in her terrorism videos of chopping off people's heads.

The man's full name is DAVID JOSEPH Lenio, formerly of Grand Rapids, MI. David and Joseph are both favorite names given to 'Chosen Ones' offspring so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that the ADL and SPLC are behind this dust-up so they can get a solid 'win' in the courts for prosecuting those who question the Holocaust™ here in the USA.

If this succeeds, they will go after many Americans, filling the prisons with citizens who had the audacity to think for themselves.

"Who's the Real Criminal?"
6.7.15 photo AB_zpsfpbsxwhh.jpg

"Mr. Netenyahu, we have a warrant for your arrest!"

Since Israel has threatened to kill thousands of Lebanese, and to not only 'mow the lawn' in Gaza, but to scorch it, meaning murdering thousands and thousands of native Palestinians, then the US DOJ has no choice but to arrest the career war criminal Netenyahu and his cabinet for making threats of physical harm to humans, just like the police did in Montana.

In fact, arresting the serial war criminal Netenyahu is long overdue, if you consider that since the Zionists initial 'pogrom' against the Palestinians in 1948, there has been dozens and dozens of Israeli aggressions that the unhinged lunatics of Zionist Israel have committed, both against Palestine and Lebanon. And that doesn't even include 'reprisal' operations the Zionist savages unleash against Gaza, the West Bank, Syria and Lebanon, like sending in some Shin Bet assets into Gaza or southern Lebanon who launch bottle rockets against the Zionist entity, giving Israel the excuse it wanted to try out their newest US provided weapons against woman and children.

The other precedent already set is the DOJ having seven or more FIFA officials arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, allegedly for bribing, corruption, etc. And the Swiss are playing along, more than happy to dance to the DOJ's tune.

Which means they can arrest Netenyahu the next time he leaves 'Stolenland' and stays at some swanky 5-Star hotel.

Make sure the media has been alerted, like the NYT reporters who just happened to be in Switzerland and were ready to go at 0400 hours.

Get a good pic of the law enforcement official slapping the cuffs on 'Bibi the Butcher' and let the games begin!


  1. I should have caught to that false flag job. Seems obvious now that you point it out.

    Here's that video I was talking about. You have to watch it. There are about 3 news stories but the Israel one is first. Kerry came down on "Israel" for defying the international community with the settlement building the the "Israeli" deputy of defense says: "We EXPECT the international community to recognize Israels right to build homes for Jews in their homeland EVERYWHERE." What gall! They are true cockroaches.

  3. Kerry's real last name is COHEN, so he's staying true to his colors.

    In the 2004 election, we had a rich, pampered Yale grad and member of Skull and Bones running against a rich, pampered Yale grad and member of Skull and Bones.

    It couldn't get much more obvious.

  4. I'd pay good money to stand in line waiting to punch and kick at that bastard.
    Charge $100 a ticket per punch and see the U.S. economy recover. Better yet, confiscate the wealth that was stolen by these criminals and see America prosper.


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