Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Do You Have What it Takes to be a Member of the Zionist Occupation Force?"

What our typical recruit looks like!
6.9.15 photo MM_zpsubj4hzxv.jpg

Israel is looking for maladjusted individuals to join our Zionist Occupation Force so we can keep what we stole a G-d we created gave to us!

Answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the following questions to see in you have what it takes!

1. As a baby, did you whine, cry and fuss a lot to get attention?

2. As a young child, did you take delight in capturing, then using sharp objects or flame to torture little animals?

3. Have you terrorized Palestinian owned businesses, by harassing the customers during the day and after business hours, vandalize the business by throwing rocks thru the windows and spray-painting righteous slogans on the outside walls like "Death to All Arabs" and "Gas the Palestinians?"

4. As a young teenager, were you a bully and joined up with other like-minded sociopaths to steal from Palestinian shops in the West Bank, then complain to the nearby ZOF Storm Trooper when the Arabic shop owner tried to stop you?
Bonus point if you then laughed uproariously when the ZOF Storm Trooper used his rifle butt to smash the Palestinian shop owner in the head!

5. Did you and your 'Fun Bunch' go on 'Rape Parties' in Palestinian villages, by first contacting the nearest ZOF detachment to inform them of your planned evenings festivities, then go out and savagely rape and sodomize hot-looking Arabic girls and women?

6. On September 10, 2001, did you plan to host a '9/11 Theme Party' the next day, since many Israeli's and American Jews had already been alerted to stay away from the WTC the week before?

7. Did you ever go with your Father, Mother, Aunt or Uncle to the borders of Gaza and laugh until your sides hurt when your Father, Mother, Aunt or Uncle shot at Palestinians attempting to farm their land? Bonus point if they let you pull the trigger!

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then you have what we're looking for to join our elite units, like the "88" Brigade. Why terrorize these 'Spiggers' for fun when you can get paid to have that fun?

Contact the nearest ZOF outpost, which are all over Judea and Samara to sign up today!

For our loyal sayanim living in our American colony, contact your US Senate or House member, or your state Senator or House member or your mayor or city manager to get further info on how to join!


  1. Attractions in Israel:

    Caliber 3's tourist programs leave most of our visitors feeling that this was the best part of their trip!

    Perfect for all ages and groups, choose from a variety of programs including our most popular - The 2-hour IDF Shooting Adventure which over 6000 visitors per year enjoy.

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    To be the Best - Come train with the Best.

  2. Israhell= mentallyderangedville.

  3. https://freedomflotilla.org/news/13-marianne-is-headed-for-gaza-today

  4. Dang it, I was trying to give you a twitter code to keep in your sidebar but the comment box won't take it. So I put it on my blog sidebar.

  5. Twitter code? Me don't know much about blogging, need all help I can get.

  6. I remember your comments from Irish4Palestine blog, how could you not know much about blogging? Heh. I have a twitter account. I created a widget following the Freedom Flotilla for you but apparently there's no sharesies..


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