Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gaza, Pre-1948 and Gaza Now!

Gaza, before the psycho-killer Khazars descended on that beautiful place, filled with peace-loving indigenous Palestinians who were minding their own business and what it looks like now, after 67 years of Israeli thefts; murder; bombings; artillery strikes; more bombings; terror; Caterpillar Bulldozer attacks; Napalm strikes... in general, what Zionist genocide and ethnic cleansing looks like after nearly eight decades of Zionist terror.

A light unto the world? Israel sets nations on fire with war machines.

I can remember the Middle East before Israel was spawned and back then, the USA had no enemies, now, they seem to be everywhere and not by coincidence, they're also designated by Israel to be 'wiped off the face of the Earth.'

This picture says a lot about the murderous Zionist occupation of Palestine
Gaza_2014_Operation_PE photo Gaza_2014_1_zps9aecac29.png

America, take a good luck at what Gaza looks like now, because that is where we are headed, after the Zionist thieves and their Jew Overlords get thru with ransacking this nation.

One more reminder of what we Americans are paying for in Occupied Palestine:
Isr_4.23.15 photo Israel5_zpsof5swyry.png


  1. One of my favorite videos, I love the music. All the pre-Zionist photos of Palestine everywhere show people happy, peaceful, living their lives. I use to know lots of Palestinian old women from the first and second Nakba...have 2 left and they are very old now. They all tell their stories and their lives before the Zionists came. Anyone who doesn't understand that Israel is the devil has not done their homework or is as sick as the beast itself.

  2. Genie.

    I try my best to educate people, but it falls on deaf ears. Not only are their eyes blinded by the lies, but their hearts are cold too. I do not know what it will take until people wake up. The world is in a state of denial and mass deception.

    God help us all.

  3. Lee, you just have to keep plugging away and try and save some, it's what a human being would do.


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