Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meet the Next Israeli Butt-Smooching, War Mongering, Sec'y of State, Mrs. Dr. Strangelove, Vicky Nuland

Yes, that one, the '"Fuck the EU" Zionist Jew whose real last name is actually Nudelman. Why is Nudelman trying to hide her Jew background? Ashamed or being duplicitous?

Victoria Nuland’s “Secret” Coup d'├ętat in Georgia

Nuland’s notoriety as a field-tested battleaxe precedes her. Both she and her husband, Robert Kagan, are products of the Bush-Cheney neo-con regime and are closely linked with its “1984” mindset of conducting continuous war, which was the basis of the defence strategy outlined by the Cheney Defense Department in the waning days of the Bush Administration, the now-notorious “Project for a New American Century”.

In late February Germany’s Der Spiegel described her as “America’s Riot Diplomat”— a sobriquet which can mean both that Nuland acts disruptively, and that she creates actual riots (as on the Maidan in Ukraine). Its “Politics” column stated that Nuland poses a threat to America’s allies (including Georgia and Azerbaijan, the countries she has just visited), and that while her current remit is to solve the crisis of Ukraine and its relations with Russia, “In the crisis, Nuland herself has become the

Nuland doesn’t want an agreement between the warring parties in Ukraine, or to prevent further loss of life. The more Ukraine is in crisis, the more the US, or rather she as its representative, can do what it likes in the name of “regulating” that crisis. That, apparently, includes rehabilitating Saakashvili by making him an “adviser”, and therefore a statesman, rather than the wanted criminal he is in the country he was president of.
[The at-large war criminal Saakashvili is now Ukraine's Governor of Odessa, a ripe region for stirring up more conflict. Odessa is where Nudleman and her fellow gangsters helped burn alive dozens of freedom-loving Ukrainians in 2014]

It was reported that Nuland held meetings with the NGOs allowed to operate in both countries. The vast majority of these are funded by the Soros Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy, NED, which have long been CIA fronts for toppling regimes which fail to toe-the American-foreign-policy-line. See where they operate, and where the funds go, and an undeniable picture emerges.

Unfortunately, there are a number of governments around the world who would wish to benefit from Saakashvili’s experience of running criminal networks which robbed, terrorised, tortured and murdered Georgians for so long.
With John Kerry KOHN out of the way, hidden in some Boston hospital or something, the guy has totally disappeared, that gives the spineless drunk Obama the opening to appoint this bitch as Secretary of State. If Nudelman gets in to State, she'll make the blood-thirsty war criminal HRM Clinton seem angelic.

Where's Kerry? Update

"...Kerry's bike accident has served as a windfall for neocons like Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Tom Malinowski to advance their agendas during Kerry's absence from Foggy Bottom...."
Is John Kerry about to be fired?
Why are there no single post-"bike accident" photo or video clip of John Kerry?

In much the same way that the reasonable and pragmatic Secretary of Offense Chuck Hagel was cast aside and replaced by the blood-thirsty warmonger Asston Carter; Kerry is being squeezed out by the PNAC "We-need-a-new-Pearl-Harbor" psycho Nuland-Kagan.
For months and months, Kerry Kohn was on the news everyday, now he's MIA? Something's up.

Victoria Nuland at Brookings. Think Tank supporting Wealth, Power and Global Warfare

Nudelman is so vain, her 'Wikipedia' page has a pic of her 30 pounds lighter and 20 years younger.


Nudelman is married to the Zionist Jew war monger Robert Kagan, which makes her the sister-in-law of the foaming at the mouth Frederick Kagan and the war monger Kimberly Kagan, all Zionist Jews who love the smell of Napalm in the morning, as long as it's not burning their precious Israelis.

Kagan is a name derived from the Mongolian hordes, Khagan. The Mongolian hordes headed West and eventually wound up as Khazars, the beginning bloodline of the Jew interlopers in Palestine.

It doesn't matter who wins steals the White House in 2016, Nudelman will have a job in the administration.

John Kerry’s Jew-Ridden State Department

"Meet the Kagans" and No, It's Not a Sitcom

The Two Faces of Kimberly Kagan

Mrs. Dr. Strangelove's Husband Speaks His Mind!

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  1. In one article Nuland was described as a bubblegum-chewing Mafia doll.
    Since Zionists have come to the front as representatives of USA our gov has become an unrefined, unpolished, gutter gov just like Israhell. Zionists can't even pretend to have class.


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