Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why Has Israel Stopped Producing the Head Chopped Off Videos?

Been awhile since MOSSAD Studios, HDQ in Herzliya, Israel has sent a video allegedly showing some USA/Saudi Arabia funded IS/ISIS/DAESH/pick your own Zionist mob, chopping the heads off of some poor victims.

Why is that? Is it because Israel, most likely the most paranoid nation on the planet, is now more scared of the most excellent Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement than the 'al CIA Duh' groups they've helped to create?

From hip-hop singer Lauryn Hill canceling her concert in 'Stolenland,' to French corporate giant Veolia selling off nearly all of its business activity in Israel, to Brazil refusing to issue a security contract for its Olympics to an Israeli firm, International Security and Defence Systems, things are starting to get hot for the racists, murderers, liars, thieves, corrupters, illegal drug dealers, white slavers, bigots, back-stabbers and false flag experts in Apartheid Israel.

When the 'Juden' loving French start turning against the Talmud Terrorists, you know Bibi the Butcher and his cabinet of blood-soaked lunatics are getting edgy.

Sure, the 9/11 False Flag, masterminded by Israel and aided by American traitors in the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA was going as planned for a number of years, but as it is wont to do, truth finally emerges and is enlightening people's minds as to who the real terror on this globe is, Apartheid Israel.

Zionist Jew horror movie producer Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group has been especially quite, making one wonder if she's producing a really big flick that shows the next Israeli False Flag attack against the USA, framing the Muslims, be it from Gaza, Ukraine or Iran or just enjoying all that money she got paid from distributing all those fake beheading videos?

One of Rita's buddies warning us American sheeple to be, well, sheeple!
6.4.15 photo SITE_1_zpsllkrwokk.png

Or maybe she's having a torrid affair with some FBI agent, since she claimed in her comedy book, "Terrorist Hunter,' that FBI agents find her sexual appeal overwhelming.

Or maybe Rita is living it up with another Zionist terror op, her good friend Steve Emerson, who likes to bully people until they push back, then cries to the Feds.

Brainwashing 101, Juden style

Whatever the reason, the Zionists and their Jew Overlords haven't taken over the world yet, but still know how to play us GOY like fools. They use their choke-hold on the MSM to publish garbage to infect our minds, while ignoring the real problems, mainly because those problems are caused by Israel and the Jews.

Still think the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' are some kind of fraud or forgery?

When we should see in the MSM serious reporting on our problems, we instead see a round-the-clock freak show, purporting to be news, but nothing more than a sickness that is infecting people and breaking down their ability to think and worse, showing our children that repulsive filth like the 'Brucie' Jenner freak show is now the norm.

Which gives Zionist agents like Rita Katz fresh minds with which to play.

'Terrorist' Hunter Rita Katz 'finds' video before the jihadists even know they have it in stock!

Everybody Trust Her; Rita Katz, the analyst who hunts ISIS on Google

Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. to release yet ANOTHER "aL-Qaeda" tape

Israel, your time is about up, but there's still time to redeem yourself, but that's damn near impossible, due to your burning hatred of us Gentiles.


  1. It was strange to see the CNN woman whatever her name is. I saw her all the time on CNN but now for several years I have not watched TV whatsoever..except RT news trying to catch my favorite shows (the ones with the grown ups). I prefer Press TV.
    And that Rita Katz? I've got to put her in with my Zionist hag series...I mean really, looked what the cat dragged in!"

  2. Oh and "IS/ISIS/DAESH/pick your own Zionist mob" hahaha!

  3. from

    Picked up on another site, but neglected to copy down the link. Sorry about that.

    The essence is Jade Helm in Hebrew translates as God's Hand.

    The link showed an excerpt of several lines in Hebrew, highlighting the phrase. I don't speak Hebrew, but can read enough of the printed words to verify that the highlighted text could easily mean God's Hand.

    So, is it just coincidence that JADE HELM itself is an acronym for Joint Assistance for Deployment Execution of Homeland Extraction of Local Militia?

    Acronyms are a great way to allow the intended public to be misled when making innocent sounding words of the acronyms.

  4. andie, checked it out on 'GOOGLE' translate and it seems to be true.

    One thing for sure, JH ends on or close to two Jewish holidays...9/11 and on 9/13, Rosh Hashanah.

  5. Greg: off topic question, so I do apologize for that
    are you noticing your google blog numbers being fudged with?
    This isn't the first time I've noticed it at my place.
    And wonder if you are having anything like that occuring?
    Example one post had it number of reads reduced overnight from the last time I had checked the numbers by about 25 reads- So I couldn't tell you what the number reduction would have been, just what I noticed by time I checked
    Going to keep an eye on it- let me know if you have or notice anything untoward
    I suspect google is trying to make the blogs 'unsearchable'

  6. JH ends right at the time of the shemita, elul 29 , the juden are preaching this whole america is going down financial collapse thing to the retarded xtian zionists big time along with their blood moon prophecy BS and red heifer BS, the evangelical preachers have this juden rabbi Jonathan cahn who wrote "the harbinger" on all the time,he looks like he just hopped right off the page of an A Wyatt Mann sketch book ,are they going to do something big this fal to convince the xtian zionist retard that the juden really do have supernatural powers and that their big book of jeiwsh fairy tales is true?
    are try going to be making a self fulfilling prophecy?
    JH is taking place int he very same stated where the largest populations of these xtian zionists reside,coincidence?

    as for rita katz i think her and her fellow tribe member CNNs bob baer go the same spray tanning salon

    seem like the juden are aware we are on to rita and have switched tactics and are now focusing on their other hag , pamella geller
    she has been in the news quite bit as of late no?
    first the false flag staged shooting in galveston TX, also in the same area that JH is taking place and right near the heart of the xtian zionist bowel movement as well
    then there was the attempted provocation a couple weeks ago in pheonix ,another JH state with the biker gangs getting them to show and surround a mosque fully armed
    and now this week she is behind the whole false flag in boston, did the police really shoot this guy that was supposedly planning to behead her?
    is it just another fully staged psy op?
    or did they just murder someone and decide to use it as more propaganda,either way she is involved and it reeks of BS


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