Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zionists and Their Jew Overlords Never Stop Lying About Gaza

Take this Israeli Operation Protective Edge photo of American supplied bomb or bombs dropped into the civilian population of Gaza. The original photo below shows the hellish flames around the mouth of the explosion, taken on July 29, 2014 by AP photographer Hatem Moussa.

If you think that looks like the gateway to Hell, I'd agree.

6.20.15 photo OpProtectEd_zpstsampnzr.jpg

Now look at this 'redacted' photo, in an online article on June 23, 2015 in the KC Star. The flames have been mostly 'Photoshopped' out, leaving a kinder and gentler doorway to hell. If you think it looks like some Yid maniac doctored the photo make Israeli murder and war crimes more palatable, I'd agree.
The pic in the print edition of the STAR was even more doctored to mute the explosion's terrible effects.

Gaza_OpProtectiveEdge photo APG_zps3laovk7d.jpg

BTW, the article tried to confuse the massive numbers of deliberate Israeli war crimes committed by the Zionist regime with the mere handful allegedly committed by Palestinians, who were trapped in a barricaded Gaza, with no where to run, since Israel and Egypt controlled all exits and weren't letting anyone flee.

Will the UN finally 'man up' and do the right thing, indicting Israel and its psychotic henchmen--and women--for war crimes, or will the ICC be only used for black leaders?

Remember the old 'knock-knock' jokes?


"Who's There?"


"Israel Who?"


Although the following video might look like the 'Three Stooges," it's not. It's the cowardly IDF idiots gassing themselves.

"Gas? Oy Vey, Hitler is back, run!"


  1. Obama adviser Jewish Valerie Jarret has major ancestral ties to Communist instigators, also "she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood."

  2. That last video freaks me out. Naturally when I look at them I see Palestinians. Children. Everybody should see this video and realize that the Nazis are in the holy land. I mean if this video doesn't do it...I don't see how anyone could debate what we are looking at.
    Farmer Fireman Greg, I would never give up our exchanges! I enjoy very much to have another yankee of like mind! It would make me wonder me too if you ignored my posts and comments...I have been distracted since last Friday.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Andie: "extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood"

    Why is the Muslim Brotherhood an "extremist group"? Western media says: the Muslim Brotherhood has 'extensive ties to fanatics, assassins, and terrorists in the Middle East." But hey, they call Palestinians terrorists. And Iran, Hezbollah and everyone else not in the Zionist camp. The Saudi regime and Egypt declare the MB a terrorist group as well. The Saudi regime is only out to preserve their throne, Egypt belongs to "Israel." The MB preserves Islam and helps the poor. True I don't know much about the MB but I know as much as I just said. From the sources who are against them the MB is looking better to me without knowing much about them.

  5. Genie, I agree with you about the MB. Anytime the 'Zionist' MSM bad mouths a group, to me that makes the MSM look like the bad guys again.

    Don't know much about MB, but they are like Hamas in some ways, in that in Egypt, they help out the poor.

  6. Some say the MB has been infiltrated by the Mossad so this may be evidential. I don't know about it in depth. Quoting an article doesn't mean I support the premise.


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