Thursday, July 16, 2015

American Propaganda Doc, Supposedly From N. Korea, But it Shows America to a 'T'

This is a 'mockumentary' about N. Korean propaganda, but it's actually a skillful skewering of the American propaganda system that infects every aspect of our lives.

The USA is the world's largest terrorist operation, has been for decades, if not longer. One day, the misery we've visited upon others will come back to us and when it does, most will be sitting there, with a catatonic look on their pudgy faces, wondering what in the hell happened, aren't we the 'good guys?'

No, we're just a colony of the terrorist invaders, Apartheid Israel, who use us like a 24/7 ATM, supplier of free weaponry and fuck-proof veto in the UN. If you still don't believe this, then ask yourself why all the 2016 presidential candidates try and outdo each other in their undying support of Israel and place taking care of Israel at the top of their list.

One of my favorite parts is their description of the G-d of the Old Testament, starting around 20:25..."An unforgiving, malevolent control freak," and other apt descriptions. Bush the Younger is the 'Toxic Texan.'

This fantastic piece is from New Zealand, but someone is trying to con people into thinking it's actually from N. Korea.

Another N. Korean 'doc' film!


  1. All this time I thought this was from N Korea educating their own!

  2. Nope, just some skillful 'Kiwis.'


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