Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Did These Nations Have a 'Gold 9/11' Hit Their Bullion Depository?

Uruguay lost 56 tons of gold from 1999 to the end of 2001:

From 1996-97, Australia 'lost' 160 tons of gold:

From 1995-2003, Canada 'lost' over 100 tons of gold:

Even the grave-robbing Rothschild's Mother Ship, England, lost gold, lots of gold, over 400 tons from 1998-2010:

Now look at a country like Bolivia, whose gold reserves have fluctuated from 1989-2010, but increased slightly, which is to be expected, but not losses in the 100+ ton range in a few years.

The Netherlands
is also interesting, since the had 1,052 tons in 1998, which dropped to 64 tons in 2007:

Now look at the USA, which back in 1949, had at 21828.20 tons, which has dropped to a mere 8,133 tons and holding steady for the last few years.

I smell a rat, a hook-nosed one that has an affinity for shiny objects and other peoples wealth, especially land.

As for Israel's gold reserves, good luck finding them on this site, which has a major number of other countries gold listed, but not Israel.

I smell that rat again and he's gnawing thru walls, like they did on 9/11 to WTC 4 and WTC 5 and WTC 6, which had a massive amounts of gold and silver bullion stolen the night BEFORE the 9/11 attacks. Damn Bin Laden, he so sneaky, he was able to slip into NYC the night before and pull off a major heist!
Kurt Sonnenfeld, the FEMA videographer, went to the basement of WTC 6 in the aftermath of 9-11 and saw that the giant vault, which held crucial evidence, protected information, and the gold of the Bank of Canada, had been emptied. It would have required large trucks and many hours to empty the vault, he said. The only explanation is that the vault had been emptied before the attacks, Sonnenfeld concluded. So, what does the Bank of Canada say about their missing gold? Who emptied the vault? Where did they take it in the middle of the night? Who stole the gold and absconded with the crucial evidence of huge crimes that awaited prosecution?

The vault below WTC 6 that Kurt Sonnenfeld saw had been emptied was about 15 by 15 meters (2,420 square feet) and would have required several large trucks and many hours to empty, which raises the questions:

Did Israeli military intelligence have the wherewithal to bring in a convoy of trucks with enough men to clean out the vault and remove it to a secure location within a short window of opportunity in the early morning hours of 9-11?

Did the Israelis have a secure location near the World Trade Center where they could stash and process the loot?

What was needed to pull off such a heist was a secure moving company, in or near New York City and operated and manned by elite Israeli soldiers who would have been hand-picked for such an operation based on their loyalty to the state of Israel. There is at least one such company, Moishe's Moving Systems, which has its headquarters less than 4 miles from the World Trade Center, near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City. Moishe's also has a large storage building in Brooklyn, about the same distance from the WTC. When I went to check out Moishe's shortly after 9-11, I spoke with several of the young Israeli men who worked there. They told me they had been chosen and hired in Israel to work at Moishe's. None of them had "green card" status that allowed them to work in the United States.

MOISHE'S MOVING SYSTEMS in Jersey City, New Jersey, has hundreds of young Israeli men, chosen and hired in Israel to work for Moishe's Moving Systems. Moishe's is based in a "fortress" with covered windows and concertina wire surrounding the premises near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.
Chris Bollyn

MOISHE'S MOVING SYSTEMS in New Jersey. Looks more like a secure fortress rather than a building housing movers. Less than four miles from the Israeli masterminded False Flag.
MOISHE_NewJer photo Moishes_911_zpsih9slyp2.jpg


  1. Something interesting between 1:08 and 1:14, goes over Guiliani and anthrax cleanup


    Regarding the data companies like Intelius, 9-11 is also attached to TLO.com:


    In the wake of the September 11 attacks, Asher worked with the FBI, constructing a secure room inside the headquarters of his company at the time, Seisint. Asher and his team of programmers worked to identify associates of the terrorists, producing lists of individuals "worth investigating" later leading to "several arrests."


    In 1982 Asher smuggled cocaine while living in the Bahamas over a seven-week stint, flying to Colombia and Belize in his plane. Later he joined F. Lee Bailey and the Drug Enforcement Administration, convincing other Americans in Bahamas to exit the drug trade.[3] "He was never charged with a crime

  2. andie, how does a high school drop-out go from house painter to owning a major computer investigative company?

    Probably took a trip to the Mothership and got some serious training and some help to form that company so he could 'help' the FBI after 9/11 by giving them false leads.

    Everywhere one looks at 9/11, there's a Tribe member at some junction or intersection. More on Asher:

    Matrix was the brainchild of Hank Asher, a businessman in the data aggregation field. Asher reportedly contacted Florida police immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks, claiming he could find the hijackers as well as other potential terrorists.[2] Asher reportedly offered to make available the database and technology that could do the job quickly, for free, supplied by the company he owned and operated: Seisint.


    Can't really find out anything about this bozo's early life, other than being a high school drop-out.

  3. Oh, come on Greg, you're such an anti-semite!

    He's just a nice Jewish boy who was doing his country (Israel) a patriotic good turn.

    According to this,https://www.aclu.org/files/FilesPDFs/seisint_facts_83.pdf

    on page 8, the system Seisint uses (oddly termed "the Matrix") started in July of 1998, just in time for you know what, 3 years later.

    I'd like to look into this further, but not a lot of time.


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