Friday, July 31, 2015

Israeli Jew Rabbis Encourage Their Flock to Kill Gentiles

Forget all the hot air and BS about their being 'good' Jews, not sure they exist.

For instance, when Israel was bombing the concentration camp known as Gaza day and night, where were the Jews protesting that carnage? I don't recall any, guess there were, but they sure managed to keep a low profile.

Remember any 'good' Jews protesting Israel's deliberate targeting of Palestinian children with shots to the head? Neither do I.
Isr_4.23.15 photo Israel5_zpsof5swyry.png

A 'good' Jew would've took to the streets in New York and raised all sorts of hell about the Jew homeland's most recent homicidal foray into defenseless Gaza, demanding a stop to the butchery, but can't recall any demonstrations like that, can you?

In fact, Israel lets loose its psychotic wrath upon Gaza on a fairly regular basis, and that's just going back to 2006.

So 'good' Jews have had plenty of chances to demand an end to the deliberate genocide of Palestinians, but where are those voices?

A 'good' Jew would've put together enough money to post a large ad in the New York Times, decrying Israel's bloody incursion and demanding that it stop, but don't recall seeing any ads like that, do you?

How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Israeli Rabbis Defend Book's Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non-Jews

Instead, this is what Christian Gentiles get from Jews, threats of violence, even death and the blasphemy of Christianity.

And more, 'love' from our Israeli Jew leeches, whose state would disappear in a matter of weeks, if not for American money, weapons and that always fuck-proof veto at the UN.

What Jew supremacist gatherings look like. A Hasidic Jew wedding in NY, and at the reception, the women are separated from the men, so the men can dance and kiss each other???

No wonder the Jew owned ACLU is always at the forefront of pushing laws to legalize male-male sodomy, it's part of their religion.

But the Jew hatred of Palestine continues on, with the 'tough' guys and gals in the Zionist Occupation Force kidnapping Palestinian children on a regular basis, but no Jewish voices crying to stop this madness?
11 Palestinians kidnapped by IOF in W. Bank, O. Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- At least 11 Palestinian citizens were kidnapped at dawn Thursday by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) across the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation army claimed responsibility for the abduction of four allegedly-wanted Palestinians, including a Hamas affiliate, following raids across cities of the West Bank.

Local sources said the IOF soldiers rolled in military jeeps into the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and nabbed three Palestinian youngsters after they scoured their family homes.

Nablus-based sources said the IOF kidnapped the Islamic bloc activist Hamza Bana after they stormed his family home and wreaked havoc on the building.

The IOF soldiers further apprehended three Palestinian young men from al-Issawiya town, in Occupied Jerusalem, on allegations of having hurled stones and Molotov Cocktails on policemen and settlers.
People get more worked up about some hunter shooting a lion that they do this:
7.31.14. photo Gaza_zps0bc88da9.png

UPDATE: Psychotic Jew settlers kill to keep what they stole.
Palestinian toddler burned to death in suspected Jewish ‘price tag’ attack

A suspected “price tag,” or retaliation, arson attack by right-wing Jewish settlers killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child in a house in the occupied West Bank and injured several other people, according to Israeli police.

The toddler died in a house fire which broke out in a village of Kafr Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus, Reuters reports.

The victim’s four-year-old brother and both parents were also injured and have been brought to the hospital. The attack took place in the early hours of the morning when the family was fast asleep and could not react immediately.
Some Israeli faggots got stabbed by an Orthodox Jew, watch and see what happens to this case, the attacker will get prison time while the savage lunatic who burnt the Palestinian child to death will get awards.


  1. Listening to the settlers yell at the activists "screw your mothers"...remember that's what the "IDF" kept yelling at the Palestinian dad they were beating on. They took down the Gaza web cam stream on the internet of the coming Israeli aircraft during Cast Lead and replaced it with Jewish porn. They keep saying they share our values...I don't believe anyone on earth shares Jewish values. They cross all the humanly normal lines even when it comes to evil.

  2. Your comment about porn replacing the Gaza live cam isn't the first time I've read about that bit of nastiness.

    They seem to relish fugging up sites that aren't in awe of Israel and replace that original site with a Jew specialty, porn.


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