Friday, July 24, 2015

Israeli's Cruel, Sick and Psychotic Behavior in Kenya

The descriptions of cruel, sadistic, sexually depraved Israeli behavior in Kenya is so nauseating, had to read some paragraphs twice to make sure I actually read what was in the stories.

The deranged actions took/take place at Kenya's Paradise Hotel, owned by Jews. The same hotel was attacked in 2002, with the usual suspect, Israel, braying that they knew of the attack ahead of time.

Many of the hotel's staff only get paid $2 a day, and even that was too much for the miserly Jew owners, as they cut that in half and sometimes, don't pay at all.

Israel and Jews are showing an unhealthy interest in Kenya, maybe because it has Africa's largest GDP, while Kenyans receive about $1.25 for a day's labor. Hell, that's cheaper than what Whole Foods pays inmates in US prisons to make products for sale in their stores.

Since Kenya doesn't have vast oil fields or large gold and diamond mines, the appeal to Israelis must be the cheap sex.

Wonder if this has been already covered by ZNN and FOX N***?
God, do they behave as such in their own country?”

“Even the married men used to find some ways to the girls’ rooms. For instance, one told his wife, ‘go to the dining room, I will be right there with you.’ Apparently he disappeared till the morning after. In the morning we were witnessing the woman screaming at her husband during breakfast. Once a man replied to his wife, ‘the women in Kenya are so great, they have a small hole, unlike you having such a silly big one’. All that at breakfast, in the dining room, in public. When the animosity went wild we always rushed to bring the hotel’s Rabbi in, he would do his best to make peace.

“Occasionally, one would come to me telling me in front of everyone else. ‘I will take Viagra and after that I will have the power to fuck. By the way, what’s your name?’ I would say Rahima. ‘Good, Rahima. I want to fuck you today!’” I asked myself what is going on. One guest asked me, ‘do you know Chartie? I went with her to the disco, I fucked her but she wasn’t good at all. Originally I planed to give her $10 but eventually I gave her $1 only. He was shouting like a madman and then Chartie arrived in the room. He then pointed at her with his finger and shouted ‘here she is, it was her’.”

Karen Tiglo, a room cleaner: “We couldn’t figure out whether the Israelis were wild animals or human beings. They would all the time offer me $10. I felt so humiliated. After a while they would know who amongst the female crew were desperate for money and would just go for them. Stela Matawa, a waitress: from time to time, a man would approach me abusively, in case I would refuse, the man would come to the dining room and shout, ‘leave out this girl she is crap, I took her to the room and she was useless’.”

Katherine Kaa experienced an especially traumatic event when a seventy-year-old man decided that he was in love with her. “I didn’t love him at all,” she says. “We went out to a discothèque, I was sure that I was just escorting him to assist him killing his boredom. On the way back, he and the taxi driver tricked me, rather than driving back to the hotel, we arrived at a place that hires rooms for the night. Violently, he tried to force me to sleep with him. But I couldn’t. When we went back to the hotel he told me that never wanted to see me again. And he would report to the management that I wasted his money without giving a thing back. After my refusal was reported, the hotel manager dismissed me for two weeks.”

According to a few of the crew members, not only did the Israeli management fail to denounce, some of the managers actually joined the party (their names are kept with the editors of the newspaper). Raymond, “At the time one of the managers learned to enjoy the massages. He started to demand: ‘do it here, here and there’ just like one of the guests. Another manager would pick girls from the entertainment team, he would say, ‘after all, I am a manager, no one would ask you where were you going.’ I had to accept it although it was rather horrible. The day after when he would pass by me, he would hardly acknowledge me. Every time, after our performances, one dancer would disappear into one of the manager s’ offices. The girls were afraid that this might be a professional issue to do with their performance but then, once in the manager’s office, they realised what it was all about.”

Q: Why do Jewish men like to watch porno movies backward?

A: They like the part where the hooker gives the money back.

Goa, India also knows first-hand that Israeli's that visit their resort community bring "disastrous socioeconomic, political, environmental consequences," engaging in the " flesh trade, drug abuse, rave parties and crimes like rapes, murder..."

The Israeli's also 'buy' local Goan women and return them to Israel for work, which means the women get kidnapped, then forced into prostitution in Israel.

Many ZOF Storm Troopers, both current and retired, visit Goa, because "...Indians were childlike and uncomprehending, “like a flock of sheep," and hashish and Ecstasy are easy to acquire and cheap.

And these are the sexual degenerates that your tax money support.

The US 'Murderer-in-Thief' Barry Obama is visiting Kenya this week, perhaps seeking his 'Roots?'

Since the subject is Israel, be careful over the weekend, since another Israeli False Flag should be hitting the USA 10 or so days after the Tennessee staged op. 'Bibi the Butcher' and his criminal co-conspirators (like the FBI) want to keep hitting Americans so we'll remain too scared to act or think.
So the FBI will provide Israel with a convenient Muslim patsy so Americans can keep their 'Two Minutes Hate" fresh.

Israeli wants to make sure it's Congressional whores deep-six the Iranian agreement and they'll kill as many Americans are they see fit to get their way.


  1. Everything the jew accuses something of it is in fact the jew himself who is committing the atrocities. Why can't people see through their deceit? I know why but isn't it time to put and end to it all, permanently?

  2. oops, "someone", not something but it could be.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've seen these people in action in Thailand and it all sounds very familiar.

    A lot of Thai guesthouses won't allow an Israeli passport holder in on account of their perceived behavior, so the Israelis have their own guesthouses on Khao San Road in Bangkok.

    Went to one (they had Middle Eastern food) and they had some Israeli movies, one was showing one guy dry humping another one. "I want to fuck you" is their idea of romantic patter.

    As far as cheap goes, there was a guy with a food cart selling sweet crepes with fruit, chocolate sauce, etc. He was selling them for the equivalent of 30 cents US, and these Israelis would try to get him down to 10 cents and would throw fits if he didn't cave in.

  5. andie, don't think that the word 'arrogance' does a good enough job of describing these malignant organisms.

  6. As for Goa, Cleo Odzer (now deceased) was a drug addict Jew from Miami who made a small fortune on the drug trade in Goa in the early days. She wrote a book or two about it.

    The interesting part is the Israelis go to Goa at Christmas (Goa is a Catholic state) and throw rave parties. This is partially to get up in the face of the Christians there.

  7. They behave in Kenya like they dream of behaving toward all of us "goyim"... Raping white European little girls & boys & if we object shooting us to death.. Those psychopathic Orcs children of Satan have wet dreams about us !


  8. Anonymous said: "Everything the jew accuses something of it is in fact the jew himself who is committing the atrocities."

    That's the biggest truth ever.


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