Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Gangsters Who Run the USA

Some of my favorite movies are the old black and white Hollywood gangster movies made in the 1930's. They're light entertainment, with stereotype gangsters, holding 'choppers,' which is a machine gun, sneers on their faces while telling their hapless victim that they 'should of made the payoff, see, youse should made the payoff' right before they use the machine gun to blast the person to bits for failing to pay 'protection money,' or for not buying their overpriced, weak Prohibition beer.

Two of the best were James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson, who emanated such evil when acting like gangsters, they were very believable.

From the 1948 film, "Key Largo," starring Edward G. Robinson

But today, we have real gangsters running around, dressed in populists clothing and oozing slick sentiment to the public, while selling their noxious horseshit. Like the gangsters in Congress and the WH that shoved the economy wrecking TPP down our throats despite an overwhelming majority of Americans being against a deal that was written in secret and kept hidden from the public until it was passed. Even now, the details of the TPP are to be kept hidden for another four years, but it won't take that long before the Constitution destroying TPP starts stealing our wealth and freedoms, or at least what's left.
“TPP and [the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Pact – TTIP] are about getting special deals for businesses that they would have difficulty getting through the normal political process. For example, oil and gas companies that think they should be able to drill everywhere may be able to get rules that prevent national or state governments from restricting their activities. This could mean, for example, that New York State would have to compensate potential frackers for the ban that Governor Cuomo imposed last week…Similarly, the financial industry will be looking to roll back the sort of regulations put in place through Dodd-Frank and similar legislation in other countries. Again, if governments want to ensure that their financial system is safe, they may have to pay the banks for the privilege….The pharmaceutical industry and entertainment industries will get longer and stronger patent and copyright protection. And the food and pesticide industries will be able to able to limit the ability of governments to impose safety and environmental regulations.”

Another way Americans get taken by gangsters is how the parasitic Apartheid nightmare Israel is always
getting more of our money and advanced weaponry, while We the People get told there's no money to fix our highways or relieve our crowded schools or upgrade our electrical grid, which is approaching the rolling 'brown-out' phase or to take proper care of our vets, horribly wounded and maimed, fighting endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'


  1. I noticed this happening on the same day:

    Charlie Hebdo won't do any more Mohammed cartoons

    And ISIS (aka Rita) won't do any more execution videos

    So what is this in preparation for?

  2. Like drugs, it's supply and demand. The kind of people you find sitting in a John Hagee audience. Racists who think the Jews are protecting the white race and America. The kind of people who buy products to make them lose weight. Magic potions. Snake oil. They are the fools of this life, the buyers of deceit and they don't care of enough to figure it out. This is who if left for snake oil salespeople to pray upon and I guess there is enough of them to keep the shysters in business.

  3. andie, if IS/Rita is dropping the head chopping videos, they must have something else planned to shock Americans about crazy jihadists or maybe the production costs got to be too much.


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