Thursday, July 2, 2015

Which US City Will Israel Attack This Weekend?

The terror mongers in the DHS and FBI are going full-bore, warning of some kind of 'terror' attack, except they don't know where or how. The problem is that the CIA, NSA and FBI are monitoring Muslims instead of Israel, where the attack--if it happens--will come from.
When you consider the fact that the NSA is basically an Israeli op, then all these terror alerts being issued, are coming from Israel, the hater of the Gentile world that has an irrational and fervent hatred of the Muslim world, which they have sworn to wipe out.
The Israelis also have a burning hatred of the Christian world and likes to use them as pawns.

Israel has shown time and again, from their savage, unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, even going so far as to machine-gun survivors trying to escape in lifeboats, to their attack on the USS Cole in October 2000, the ultimate 'October Surprise,' to their attacking the USA on 9/11 that they have absolutely no qualm about attacking their 'friend and ally,' the USA.

Imagine that, machine-gunning survivors trying to escape the Israeli attack in the burning USS Liberty. You might think it couldn't get any worse, but when the savage, insane, evil, psychotic Israelis are involved, there is no amount of mayhem committed against the Gentile world that is beyond the pale.

Israelis enjoying one of their favorite pastimes, getting together to watch their Zionist Occupation Force mass-murder Gazans
OpProtectEdge photo israelite2_zpsxt4zldgb.jpg

Let's look at some facts surrounding this possible event:

1. 'Mortars' were found last weekend near the US-Mexico border near San Diego, that's all the Jew MSM needed to ramp up the fear factor, never mind that Mexico is much more lenient on its people using fireworks and the mortars found were of the type used as fireworks.

2. Over 11,000 thousand US visas were stolen in early June in northern Mexico.

3. Over the last couple of years, copies of the Koran, Muslim prayer rugs and even Iranian book, celebrating suicide bombers, have been found in the Mexican desert, near the US border.

If the above sounds like a replay of the events leading up to the savage, brutal and unprovoked Israeli attack on the USA on 9/11, in which 'Muslims' left a trail of evidence before the attack, such as leaving copies of the Koran in bars and making nuisances of themselves in the same and ominously warning of some type of retaliation, then your mind hasn't been taken over by 'Brucie' Jenner and you're probably not a sports junkie.

Now we have the news that Israel has been testing the effects of 'dirty' bombs in the Negev Desert, seeing how much havoc and death dirty bombs of various yields could cause.

Adding up the above, it looks like the psycho-butcher Israelis are planning to attack a US city in the southwest soon, with the blame being put on 'Muslims,' of course. They could go for a 'two-fer,' by saying the attack was backed by Iran and had Syrian or Palestinian people on the ground.

When, not if the next large-scale terror attack hits the USA, we'll already know who's behind the carnage, our 'friend and ally,' Israel.


  1. Jericho or Independence Day...either way there is a Jew in the um shit um media frenzy for purposes
    of demonstration...even.

    seems like there was a book by a guy about soft targets

    and worst of all cui FFFFFFING BONO ?

    since the modern day so-called "Jews" are not even from the
    "Tribe" of Judah how can they lawfully be "Israel"...?

    I mean why would Jesus lie about a such an infamous group of crime syndicate PSYCHOPATHS....?

    See Also : The Jews in their Homeland by Ben Gurion {a must read}

    2 Jew Lies the world can live without...

    1} Abraham was a "Jew"...Abraham did not have a Talmud
    and was NOT a "Jew"...!

    2} Moses was a "Jew"....Moses did not have a Talmud and
    was NOT a "Jew"...



  2. Kind of a long video, I will have to watch it on Chrome, so far I like it. I will need to do a head's up about the possible false flag on my facebook page for all the dweebs.

  3. Yes, it's a long video, but worth watching as for once, BBC did a decent job.

  4. I was looking up the local Jehovah's site and found this:

    The timely ruling by the High Court of Justice enabled Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold their assembly on May 2. Local religious leaders, including the city’s chief rabbi and members of an ultraorthodox organization known for its aggressive tactics, reacted to the ruling by organizing a “collective prayer” session that drew an estimated 1,500 participants. They gathered in front of the sports center as 600 Witnesses arrived to attend the assembly. The “collective prayer” quickly turned into a mass protest. Some of the protesters attacked the Witnesses—including women and children. They insulted them, spit on them, jeered at them, made obscene gestures, and damaged personal vehicles.

  5. apparently there's a new mock terror drill in the UK


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