Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jew Owned Ashley Madison Dating Site Discriminates Against Gays, Where's the Lawsuit?

Ashley Madison(AM), which puts together married, lusty people for carnal assignations, as long as they're not gays. Married or not, AM doesn't care about morals, all they want is the money to be made.

AM is part of Avid Life Media, whose CEO is Noel Biderman, also the designer of the site and a Jew.

AM discriminates against gays, as it doesn't allow that segment of the population to interact, so shouldn't AM be getting sued for not doing business with gays, like those Christian bakery owners that got tagged with a 135K lawsuit for refusing to bake a cake for the gay couple?

If someone did sue for discrimination, they'd run up against AM's chief litigator, Avi Weisman.

But that won't happen, as there is a set of laws for us GOYIM and one for the Jew.

Adultery must be BIG business, as AM had planned on letting out a stock IPO, but that got derailed by the hacker leak.

Infidelity is booming, as Avid Life values itself at $1 billion and reported revenue of $115 million in 2014, up 45 percent from the preceding year.

Another booming web dating place is 'Match.Com,' which is also owned by Jews.

And this popular web dating site, also owned by a 'Chosenite.'

When our economy has to rely on the likes of 'Facebook' and adultery to keep the stock market humming, we must be heading straight toward a fiscal cliff.

Lot of horny married people in Canada? Ottawa has the most AM members in the world!

What US politicians will be uh, exposed from the AM hack? I can already hear a couple of US presidential campaigns grinding to a halt. Those Bible Thumping, 'family values' creeps seem to be the horniest for perversions.

Like this
well-known Bible Thumping child molester, who enjoyed AM's services.


  1. :) Donno where to begin!

    When it comes to the following the tribe, gays are like obedient chihuahuas. Jews are closest allies, Barbra Streisand our savior. Remember all the suffering caused by the "evil Nazis", who made us wear pink triangles at the holocaust camp? Never forget!" As a naive gay man, I had to put up with all that in my earlier days. These days I stick out like a big sore thumb among the mainstream American gays.

    "AM discriminates against gays, ..... for the gay couple?"

    Now you know why!

    Remember when TLC/Discovery was all about learning? Actually their credibility collapsed like pancakes, you know when. Now they are catering to the judeo-xtian rednecks, bible thumpers and sister wives, arrrrgh!

  2. When you get done with that jew scam...

    Move on to Donny the Trump...he's gotta be on Swindler's List....

  3. Now back to JEWPIMPSR-us.....

    Right on the front page...

    "As seen on: Hannity, Howard Stern, TIME, BusinessWeek, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, USA Today".

  4. gays are like obedient Chihuahuas

    They are? All of the Chihuahuas I've met were nasty little fuckers who never stopped yapping, even after their owners told them to.

  5. Hahaha ....not a dog expert here as you can tell! You will find plenty of chihuahuas at the Los Angeles animal shelters. Must be the yapping nature for sure. You're totally spot on.

  6. Speaking of "dating" sites

    Big noses everywhere...

  7. Ashley Madison ads on the Howard Stern show (the only place I heard them, and that's because my new car came with free satellite radio for 3 months)had the woman telling her husband she was going to join AM because she was bored.

    In fact there are 6 men to 1 woman. So there was a effort made to recruit women in via these ads.

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