Saturday, August 29, 2015

Was Argentinian Prosecutor Investigating the Jew Bombing Getting Paid Off by Israel?

Something's up, even though the prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, was found dead in his home back in January, from either suicide or murder. Nisman had formally accused the government of Iran of directing the AMIA bombing, and the Hezbollah militia of carrying it out, which sounds like it was right out of the Israeli False Flag 101 playbook.

The $670,000 that was detected in a New York bank account in Nisman's name is highly suspicious, and has Israeli or American Jew fingerprints all over the bribe. But there are always other rats around besides the Jews.
Santiago O'Donnell, a journalist and writer who published the books Argenleaks and Politileaks, both of which analyse the Wikileaks cable leak concerning Argentina's foreign and domestic policies, stated that during his investigation, he found clear and strong ties and "friendship" between Nisman, the CIA and the Embassy of Argentina in Washington, D.C.
Nisman had pushed hard to get Iran indicted in this case, and 670,000 dollars is a lot of pushing.

Did he actually kill himself or was he killed by the Mossad of CIA for his failure to blame an innocent Iran for this bombing?
Money laundering probe in case of Argentine prosecutor

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina— An Argentine judge on Friday authorized a money laundering probe involving the prosecutor who died mysteriously while investigating the bombing of a Jewish center.

Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral approved a prosecution request to question relatives and associates of the late Alberto Nisman, including his mother, his sister and a man who had worked with Nisman.

Prosecutor Juan Pedro Zoni says investigators detected nearly $670,000 in suspicious movements though a New York account that Nisman opened in 2002. And he said Nisman appeared to be living above his means as a public employee.

Canicoba Corral ordered four people to testify, barred them from leaving Argentina and embargoed some of their assets. After questioning, the judge will determine if charges should be brought against Nisman's mother Sara Garfunkel, sister Sandra Nisman, informatics adviser Diego Lagomarsino and businessman Claudio Picon


  1. Jerusalem used to thrive on animal sacrifice.

    wonder if any human bones are in there?

  2. Quote:Was Argentinian Prosecutor Investigating the Jew Bombing Getting Paid Off by Israel?
    Answer : Do bears crap in the forest ??


  3. Shame on you Greg...just look at this Palestinian Terrorist biting this poor Israeli dog....

  4. Everybody in the Jew's pocket, how else would they survive and get away with murder? Always follow the money.

  5. Killing him off was a win-win, as then they got to add a frame-up on top of a frame-up. Argentina is on the USraeli hit list...


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