Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Florida Jew Terrorist Was Actually Fighting for Free Speech!

This is how the corrupt Jew MSM spins the lies when the real architects of Muslim terrorism, Jews, get caught setting up a False Flag attack on 9/11 in KC to be blamed on 'jihadists.'

The lies being told are that the Jew terrorist was actually a champion of free speech and harmless because he was just a nerd....A psychopath nerd who got people killed is the truth.
A Jew terrorist that helped set off another Jew False Flag in Garland, Texas and was coaching another to blow up a 9/11 event in Kansas City with a pressure-cooker type bomb, very similar to the one allegedly used in the Boston Marathon False Flag is just a nerd, fighting for free speech and deserves our sympathy, since he is suffering from depression(see below).
Unmasking a troll: Aussie 'jihadist' Australi Witness a 20-year-old American nerd

But Fairfax Media can reveal that Goldberg's trolling also goes well beyond pretending to be an IS terror wannabe. When Melbourne lawyer, Joshua Bornstein, woke to find a violent anti-Palestinian blog in his own name in the Times of Israel in May, he was subject to global outrage.

That hoax, too, was the work of Goldberg, and he laughed when the finger of blame was mistakenly pointed at white supremacists.

Goldberg has set up a fake account in the name of Australian Muslim preacher Junaid Thorne, and promoted an illusory friendship between Australi Witness and anti-Islamophobia campaigner Mariam Veiszadeh - the intention both times being to smear them.

He has masqueraded as a neo-Nazi blogger called "Michael Slay" on the site Daily Stormer, and as a fictional Australian left-wing anti-free speech activist called "Tanya Cohen". He's caused significant harm to anti-sexploitation campaigner Caitlin Roper by setting up a fake account in her name and then defaming transsexuals.

Apart from the thrill of trolling on the world's most sensitive and politically fraught subjects, Goldberg appears to be driven by a single ideology: purist notions of the right to free speech.

Terrorism analyst and director and co-founder of the SITE Intelligence group Rita Katz was quoted as saying Australi Witness held a "prestige" position in online jihadi circles and was "part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack", and actively seek recruits for IS.
Doesn't Goldberg's online persona look scary? BOO!
9.15_Goldberg_Florida photo JGoldberg_zps24rrwlwb.jpg

Our old friend, Rita Katz, who has been behind many of those 'al CIA Duh' videos featuring a dead Osama Bin Laden and those fakey ISIS head chopping off videos was also mobbed up with Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

Goldberg also fought for the freedom to rape feminists. But living in his Mommie's basement, the only one he had sexual encounters with was his right hand.
Joshua Goldberg, the fake Aussie jihadist, had a hand in every online fight

The young Florida man who was arrested after posing as an Australian jihadist was a key player in a large number of online controversies, including the smear campaign against an American black activist who was publicly accused of lying about his race.

Joshua Goldberg, 20, who had been calling for terror attacks in western countries under the guise of jihadist "Australi Witness", was also at the
centre of the woman-hating campaigns known as "Gamergate" and a behind a blog called "Philosophy of Rape" on which he wrote that "whores and feminazis need to be put in their place through rape".
Jew terrorists, whether in the West Bank burning alive babies or in Florida, setting up False Flags, get help from their fellow Jew travelers in the MSM, who are now spinning the lie that this poor dear was suffering from depression, setting up the coming legal circus so Goldberg either gets sent to some comfy mental facility or the lush 'Club Fed' prison complex in Butner, NC, where he can join other Jews like the Wall Street con artist Bernie Madoff or the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard.

The original Joshua was a spy for the Hebrew's way back when

Wonder why ZNN and FOX N*** are avoiding this news?

Even Alexa Jones at "Infowars" is avoiding this subject. Gosh, why is that?

Criminal affidavit complaint used against Jew terrorist Goldberg.

Joshua Goldberg: ISIS’s ‘Jewish Jihadist’

Josh Goldberg: Jewish-American ‘ISIS’, Hoaxer, or Online Intelligence Asset?

Here's another Goldberg who is a blowhard for the Jew MSM and spent time as a concentration camp guard in Gaza.


  1. According to the Jew, no Jew can do wrong (unless they screw another Jew). Everything else is just fine.

  2. Wall Street gangsters get caught on a damn near weekly basis committing fraud against the Goyim and he DOJ gives them a pass, just pay a small fine, a fraction of what they stole.
    But Bernie Madoff stole from fellow 'Tribe' members and got 50 years.

  3. Why am I not shocked by all this? Every time we look deep enough into every fraud act of "terrorism" and who is responsible, we always find a filthy disgusting satanic JEW near or at the bottom...

    I wonder how these creatures will get out of this one? But notice that the JEW spew media is quiet about all this, which is no shock at all!

  4. The war on women thing has always been suspicious to me. One of the major MRA's, Peter Nolan, who advocated killing all women - someone tracked him down and found he was a Jewish pedo living in Germany.

    On this forum someone goes over Nolan's multiple personalities


    why is there always a chosen one at the center of the mayhem?


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