Monday, September 7, 2015

Saying "Christ is King" is anti-Semitic

9.7.15_Versaill photo CeR_zpsmskgi6tl.jpg

At least it is in one of Israel's prized colonies, France. And in any of the mega-churches that have assholes like John Hagee as their Head Demon.

"Christ est Roy" was spray-painted on the scupture "Dirty Corner' in Versailles, among other sayings that got the tired, worn-out phrase anti-Semitic.

The 'sculpture' is supposed to represent a queen who is taking power and also, of her sexual organs, specifically, her vagina.

One can see the actual phrase in the print edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere on the web, not even on AP's news site or the original story on the St. Louis Pose, which makes me think that the Jew thought police realized it wasn't a good idea to show a pic of 'Christ est Roy" and scream anti-Semite,' it might get the GOYIM to thinking, so the pic was censored online.

The actual phrase should be "Christ est Roi," but these vandals must of not been in school that day when the lesson was how to properly spell 'Roi.'

Finally found the pic on a French site, 'Vive la France' or however it's spelled!


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  2. Greg,

    According to the article, "Writing on Instagram alongside pictures of the vandalised artwork Kapoor, who has Jewish heritage..." So "Le Christ est roy" translates to "Christ is Roy". Roy probably looves to brag 'bout his small penis?

    He's Hindu-Jew, match made in himl!

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  4. The letter Y, which is fairly uncommon in French, can be a consonant or a vowel.

    As a vowel, it's pronounced like the y in happy.

    Even a drunk uneducated Francophone would have never spelled it ROY

  5. hello,
    as a French person I can assure you that "roy" is the ancient spelling of "roi", it was written "roy" in past times (in the 17th or 18th centuries for example). I think at a time the 2 spellings must have existed and then the spelling "roi" has been adopted.
    The prononciation of ancient French was rather similar with the modern "canadian"(accent québécois) (people from Québec) accent in french.

  6. A rather shallow concept for a work of "art." The true artists are the ones who spray-painted the graffiti on it.

  7. Yesm modern 'art' is beyond my comprehension, I'll take something by Monet any day.

  8. Well, yes they do use Roy in place of Roi in France (occasionally)


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