Friday, September 25, 2015

"Why is America Full of So Many Violent, Self-Important Pricks?"

Hardly a day goes by that some 'exceptional' violence loving sadistic prick in DC doesn't make some kind of threat to another nation, at the same time beating his or her chest and strutting about like a 'Jake' turkey in heat.

The latest is President Teleprompter barking at China, warning them to stay out of the South CHINA Sea and to not have ambitions on smaller nations in that region that border on the South CHINA Sea. Where in the hell does that piss-poor excuse for a leader get his advice from, a Cracker Jack box?

 photo Boxerrebellion_zps9kha8zw8.jpg

When the Chinese Navy starts patrolling in and around Galveston, Texas or Tampa Bay, let us know. Till then 'Obongo,' SHUT THE FUCK UP.

P.S. China, just 'find' some ancient text that says some G-d gave you dominion over the South China Sea millennia ago and the American Bible Thumpers will be all over the area, demanding that the USA support anything China does in that area, after all, China has the right to defend itself, no?

American pricks have had an interest in that part of the world going back to at least the Boxer Rebellion, around 1900 that had the Chinese getting 'uppity,' thinking that they could govern themselves and didn't need any foreigners in country, telling them what to do, like to keep buying Rothschild opium and heroin, and don't worry about having millions of drug-addled drug addicts in your back yard, there's plenty more where they came from.
The Boxer Rebellion had the usual suspects, like the USA, Britain, Germany, France and others, sucking money and the life out of China, after all, someone has to support our ostentatious lifestyle and you damn sure can't expect Americans to foot the bill.

The Second Opium War against China also played a part, making the Rothschilds filthy rich off the misery of millions of Chinese, but hey, when making an omelet...!
The blueprint for the Second Opium War would be one that would be followed numerous times over the years, which was American muscle getting the marks in line so they could get soaked by Jew bankers.

More recent history in that area would involve the USA backing the French in the 1950's when they were trying to hold onto their dwindling Empire in Vietnam. The Vietnamese, again being 'uppity,' were wanting the foreign devils out so they could have their own people as rulers and not some bank slob, with two mistresses and several mansions, living off foie gras and champagne 8,000 miles away.
So the USA started financing the French War against the Vietnamese which ended in the 1954 Battle of Dein Bein Phu, where the French Army got its ass kicked, despite heavy military support, weapons and money from Uncle Sam.

Since America already had intelligence assets, special forces troops and a substantial investment in Vietnam, a gang of self-important, violent assholes decided to teach those 'uppity' Vietnamese a lesson in economic slavery, which didn't end till 1975, with the USA getting its butt kicked and hauling ass out of there.

Remember the iconic picture of people standing on a roof in Saigon, waiting for a helicopter to haul them the hell away from there?

But that's another story altogether, for another day.

Now back to waiting for the next, violent, self-Important asshole to make some outlandish threat to some nation just wanting to be left alone.

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  1. I think the US won the war, don't they have Citibank in Saigon?

    Asians pronounce it (correctly) as Shittybank.


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