Saturday, September 26, 2015

Zionist Butchery in Yemen and Gaza, All for Israel

Can you tell which of these pictures of dead and horribly maimed bodies are from Yemen and which are from Gaza?

Yemen_9.15 photo Yemen_1_zps3j4lwgu4.png

Yes, this is a pic of what used to be a human being, until Saudi money and SA fighter jets supplied by the USA and US bombs turned the person into pulp:
Yemen_9.25.15 photo Yemen_9.25.15_zpst6umkurw.png

Isr2_4.23.15 photo Israel1_zpsjd4do3xv.png

7.31.14. photo Gaza_zps0bc88da9.png

The first two pictures are from Bakha, Yemen and the last two from Gaza.

The Zionist and NeoCON butchers are having a wonderful time in Yemen, a little something to tide them over till the next Gaza slaughter.

One could post similar pics of horror from another Zionist Jew slaughterhouse, Syria.

Or from another Zionist Jew slaughterhouse, Iraq.

Or from another Zionist Jew butchery in Libya.

All of this misery and death in the ME is basically for the benefit of one nation, Israel.

Israel is the spoiled brat that usually gets what it wants and to hell with the consequences, let someone else pay the piper.

Israel wants to expand and create its dream of 'Eretz Israel,' which will stretch from the Rivers Tigris and Nile, to southern Turkey down to northern Arabia.

Paid for with western money and the blood of Middle East and African Muslims.


  1. I am a regular visitor here and lurk somewhat. Many times I do not post because I am overwhelmed with shock, disgust, and outrage. Indeed, the pictures are horrible, but we can no longer turn away from the truth. And that truth is, that, We Americans are part of the system that supports murder and violence to innocent men, women, and CHILDREN all over the world.

    The only people that are blind to it are Americans.


  2. They're not blind.

    They're cowards.

  3. Cowards and bullies who take delight in torturing the humans who can least afford to defend themselves.

  4. By now, I am simply running out of words. There is simply too much going on to even pretend to know much about much.

    Here we have the Saudi Talmudic ... er Wahhabi ... royalty who are doing Usrael's holocausting, excuse me, dirty work. It will be interesting to see the level of cooperation when it is time to cede their part of the turf to the GI project.

    What ticks me is when people say this is Muslim barbarity when we know it is all for Israel in the long run!

    Meanwhile, back in the US, people are more titillated by the sexual depravity of a Saudi "prince" (there are thousands of them) in Los Angeles than they are with what his family is involved in. And THAT is largely due to media manipulation. A Saudi prince who abuses slaves is much more exciting than a pile of fried bodies. Give the people what you have trained them to want.

    Things are still just warming up, Greg. Everywhere.

  5. To those that comment on what appears to be American cowardice, try to imagine having s-AYIN-im threatening and/or murdering via "accidents" and 'health care', your children, family and friends.

    Not many can stand up to that and don't assume you can UNTIL the day you do!

    Personally there have been 12 highly suspicious deaths in my social circles, Jews use 'accidents', fires, 'suicide' by friends and 'health-care'!

    Our DEMONIC Jewish butchers are pulling their supremacist so-called "communist" crap all over again, except in America this time. They emphasize creating drones of leaders using health care, and bogus diagnosis, for either mind control or murder via 'medicine'!

    Senator Pelosi (JEW) demanded CHILDREN as collateral for a ONE WAY PASSPORT for John Robles III to Texas! (A JFK style passport and we all know what Jews do to children without a father!)

    Barbara Boxer (JEW) and Governor Moonbeam Brown (JEW) too aid and abet CHILD TRAFFICKING, if they're not fully involved!

    Watch this comment VANISH; cannot have people HATING barbarian murdering racketeers! (TRAITOR Jews INFEST ALL corporations, and police; they have the passwords to everything thanks to Jewgle! They change our comments, blogs and videos using 'communist' JEW censoring and subtle mischief.)

    Someone above pointed out it's JEWS, just like in the "Young Turks" revolution, committing similar barbarities wearing their 'evil Muslim' MASK!

  6. I found this website recently posting a photo of a Muslim woman crying over dead children after a drone attack in Afghanistan, I think it was. The site was claiming for it's readers that these were Christian children killed by "the Islamic state". I did leave a comment even though the readers comments made me think they were intellectually challenged. *sigh*

  7. "Israel wants to expand and create its dream of 'Eretz Israel,' which will stretch from the Rivers Tigris and Nile, to southern Turkey down to northern Arabia."
    This is a version for the stupid Goyim, interpreting it as the shortest/straight distance between the Nile and the Tigris/Euphrates.

    The "jews"/Khazars know that it is from the Nile to Euphrates, too -
    but the OUTER way: around the Globe...


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